Possessive porn video

Taboo Situations: ‘Possessive’


Porn is often creepy, but Pure Taboo is leaning into that – not just accepting it, but embracing it, celebrating it, making it the cornerstone of the brand – and it’s working out beautifully with titles like “Possessive“. The pure taboos they’re committed to portraying are, of course, limited in scope; there are certain things that we in American porn aren’t allowed to dwell on – the really taboo things, the ones we can only brush up against, with step-siblings and grudging acceptance of sexual harassment. But it’s like methadone, or at least what I think methadone is like (I’ve never had any, mind you) – it’s not heroin, but it’ll do for now.  

Lena Paul hasn’t been paying her student loan bills, but she’s still been acquiring stuff with the money she should have been using for that. When Domenic Kane arrives to repossess her worldly goods (which is patently illegal – it’s just robbery the way he does it), she begs him to reconsider and take something besides her car and her mother’s jewelry.  

As is the case in every porn movie every made, of course she has one other resource to give up – her delectable juicy body, with long hair, a gorgeous ass, round curves and an incredible, natural set of 32DDD tits that are already bouncing and jiggling before Domenic even arrives at her house. Of course she objects when he suggests a deal might be struck with those tits and her talented mouth as bargaining chips, but by the time she’s had his cock in her mouth for a few minutes, she’s on board with a little more consent than she had at the beginning. And honestly, Lena Paul is so hot that I’m on board too. I don’t really love that I am, but that’s why it’s called a taboo.  

Oh, and speaking of juicy: let’s talk about Penny Pax. She’s developed quite a bit in her eight or so years in the industry, growing from a slender waif to a buxom siren; she does still have that wide-eyed innocence that makes the idea of ruining her so appealing. Here she plays a cheating wife who pays lip service to the idea of resisting Ryan McLane, her husband’s taboo best friend, but ultimately can’t say no – in spite of the nonsense that he spouts in place of sweet talk.  

Ryan, in spite of his protestations that what Ricky Johnson (who represents a different kind of taboo) doesn’t know won’t hurt him, isn’t too righteous to hide in the closet when Ricky comes home unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the closet he hides in is the one witht he best view of the bed where Ricky fucks Penny, who puts on a show that would be great for anybody but a jealous illicit lover with a raging hardon and no scruples about fucking his best friend over. Penny’s bouncing tits, creamy skin and sexy moans just inflame him, and when Ricky has to go back to work, Ryan comes out for a quick game of sloppy seconds, leaving enny with two loads on her cheating face.

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