Hot For Transsexuals 9 porn video

‘Hot for Transsexuals 9’; Trans-scending the Norms

I want to say “You gotta love Aiden Starr,” because of what she does for kink – she brings to the game a broad range of fetishes, including balloon girls, femdom, foot action, pegging, and big girls, and it’s good to see all that getting a seat at the table, even if most of it isn’t especially my kink. Trans titles are right in my wheelhouse, though, and Aiden does them really well, as the latest iteration of Hot for Transsexuals┬áproves, for the ninth time. Still, you might not be into transsexuals; you might even be one of those sad individuals who think trans people aren’t worthy of your respect or consideration, and with that in mind, I can’t say that you gotta love Aiden Starr. But you goddamn well should, and if you don’t I feel sorry for you.

I feel sorry for you if you’re not getting to see trans beauty Ella Hollywood, who is cute as a button, blonde and sharp and slim, and she has a respectable hard cock to bring to the party. She’s breathless, coy and horny, guiding Dante Colle with little delights like “Are you going to put me in my place?” and “I want you to flip me over and fuck me doggy,” which he probably would have gotten to by himself, but who doesn’t like a woman who can give that kind of feedback? And she keeps saying ‘thank you,” which has to be gratifying. She appears to enjoy getting fucked as much as any woman could, and takes a load in the mouth with more enthusiasm than some.

Aubrey Kate and Lena Kelly seem like they;re getting along just fine by themselves – the two smoking hot blonde trans women have two cocks between them, and plenty of holes to put them in, curves to rub them on, and they have enthusiasm to burn. Their cocks aren’t super hard, but they don’t really seem to be too worried about it, and anyway, superstar veteran Sean Michaels happens along with all the hard dick a girl – or two girls – could hope for (and aren’t we glad to see someone of his stature in a trans movie?). Sean is happy to fill up both girls’ asses with his very big tool, and even happier to offer up a load for two eager faces.

Khloe Kay looks solid, like if she wanted to, she could hold you down and fuck you, but sweet, like she wouldn’t. Where Ella, Aubrey and Lena were fair and blonde, Khloe is dark and tanned and sultry, and she’s definitely on the prowl. “God, I want some fucking dick right now,” she says, and even though what she means is “I want some more dick,” because hers is hard and impressive, she’s glad to see Sebastian Keys show up sporting a hardon she can get in her mouth. And in her ass. She gets hers into play too, and Sebastian treats her to a thoughtful blowjob with some complimentary rimming so she can shoot off before he drops his load on her face.

Ella Hollywood is back, and here she’s paired with the delicious Natalie Mars; the two girls play with each other, but it’s just marking time, showing off cocks and making out until Pierce Paris joins them to provide a hinge for them both to swing on. Ansd swing they do, getting down in a double blowjob that any man would have trouble resisting; when Natalie suggests that Pierce should be fucking Ella’s tight trans ass, Pierce is fully onboard for that idea and shortly thereafter fully onboard Ella. There’s a little breath play as Natalie cuts off Ella’s air, sometimes with her hands and sometimes with her cock, and sometimes by smothering her with that ass. Natalie gets fucked too, though, and everybody gets off at least once before Pierce finally unloads for their eager hands and mouths.

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