Rebecca An Indecent Story porn video

‘Rebecca, An Indecent Story’: Italian Girl’s Fuckjahr

Calling Rebecca, An Indecent Story an indecent story seems kind of like gilding the lily if you ask me, which you didn’t, I mean, of course it’s an indecent story. The whole point of coming here is indecent stories; you can find decent ones all over the place, although if my mom’s opinion of modern TV is anything to go by, maybe it’s harder than I think. In any case, the story of Rebecca Volpetti‘s freshman European fuckjahr, new from Marc Dorcel, is as indecent as you could possibly wish it to be.

Rebecca is exactly the kind of slutty young tourist you’d want to find wandering around your town – she came from Italy with no place to stay, no acquaintances to visit, and no apparent plan except fucking her way across Europe. The first guy she meets gets her wide-eyed attention, and after he comes back from taking a call, he’s rewarded by finding her masturbating in his car. When his best friend comes by to visit, Rebecca opens up for him too, and Kristof Cale and Yanick Shaft are treated to a sizzling DP experience with a hot, horny young Italian blonde, each of them getting to try out every hole. When they finally deliver a monstrous double facial to the hungry slut, everybody’s happy.

With Yanick and Kristof sated and drained, Rebecca needs to find other entertainment, so she goes for a run by the seaside, where she finds another willing cock. Juan Lucho, boxer in training, doesn’t think she’s as out of shape as she thinks she is, but whena  girl asks you to help her get fit, you don’t pass up the opportunity to see that tiptop body up close. After a couple of nights of wet dreams about Juan’s cut body, Rebecca finally gets the chance to fuck him in real life. It’s just as good as she thought it would be – his cock is as hard as his muscles, and he’s very good at using it to make her come with some vigorous pussy fucking, and she’s very good at using her mouth to get a hot load out of him.

Worn out from a long week of fucking everyone in sight, Rebecca is in the mood for a good deep massage. It turns out her new friend Amirah Adara has great hands, a comfy massage table, a husband with a hard cock, and a willingness to get deeply unprofessional with her clients. The massage sessions are tame at first, but Amirah can’t keep her hands, or her husband’s dick, out of Rebecca once the Italian girl lets it be known that she’s ready for a little more than the usual therapy. The girls lick and suck each other to a frothing frenzy while making sure Emilio Ardana gets taken care of as well – two pussies, two mouths, and a facial later, Emilio explodes on their pretty faces and watches them swap his cum back and forth.

After her experience with Amirah, Rebecca thinks maybe she’s been barking up the wrong canoe with all these cocks – perhaps it’s pussy and the gentle touch of a woman that’s really going to get her off? By way of experimentation, Rebecca gets herself involved with Talia Mint, a slim, sexy brunette with a shaved pussy, perky little A-cup tits, and discovers that a woman’s touch is sensuous, delightful, and not to be missed. Is it better than cock? Impossible to say, but she does leave the lickfest with the certain knowledge that an orgasm, wherever it comes from, is unforgettable, and better doesn’t really come into it.

Rebecca’s a little worried that after two months her host might be getting tired of her – he works so much and he seems a little distant, and they hardly fuck anymore. She’s not the kind of girl to stand for that, and when he stops answering her calls, she takes action; when it’s time to go, it’s time to go, but a girl still needs cock, and Rebecca needs it more than most, so she goes back to her old haunts and to his best friend Yanick, who is only too happy to take up where his buddy left off. A cock is a cock, as far as Rebecca is concerned, and as Rebecca fucks Yanick in the garage, her moans must be causing her ex some regrets. Too late for him, though, and as Rebecca takes Yanick’s cock deep and wears his load on her face, she can at least console herself that there’s a whole country full of guys to fuck just waiting for her.

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