Naughty in Bed porn video

‘Naughty in Bed’: Lesbian Frolicking from Girlsway

I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of gay porn, but sometimes when I watch lesbian porn, I wonder if its male equivalent (and let’s not get into the fact that both gay and lesbian porn are made for men to watch) features plots that are silly as the ones in girl-girl titles. And you know what? I really hope so. I really hope that there is a movie equivalent of “Naughty in Bed” somewhere in which some beefy dude brings cookies over to his new neighbor’s house and ends up in bed with a guy saying “Well, I’ve never thought about it before, but I guess I might be gay. Should we try it?” Yes, you should try it.

Kristen Scott‘s whole story doesn’t hold together. She brought cookies over to make friends with the new neighbor’s family, but she only brought like two cookies, and then she stays to make sure Sabina Rouge doesn’t eat them all, and then when they end up on the bed, she pretends she doesn’t notice the rainbow flag on the nightstand before Sabina says they should try some lesbian sex. Sure she doesn’t. Sabina thinks she’s maneuvering Kristen into trying out some Sapphic action, but Kristen is clearly playing a deeper game. Sabina is a hot redhead and Kristen’s a blonde, and blondes are okay but anything with a redhead in it is good by me. Kristen claims not to know much about girls, but she knows enough to get her tongue deep in Sabina’s ass while she fingers that shaved pussy. I don’t know a lot about lesbians, but that’s not usually the kind of thing you try on the first time out.

Scarlett Sage and Lilly Ford seem a little old for the kind of girly-girly bonding they’re doing on Scarlett’s bed; I don’t know if any girls anywhere at any age ever act like this, but presumably they’re drawing inspiration from somewhere. At first I thought Scarlett Sage was Ivy Wolfe, but she has a tattoo of a bird on her shoulder, which is good because that is what I was able to use to tell her apart from Lilly Ford in the tangle of sexy, trim, lightly tanned, squealing blondes that ensues after Scarlett says that Lilly’s loveline foretells an impending new boyfriend. Lilly is unsure, but makes certain, by dint of some knockout lesbian sex, that Scarlett knows she’ll never get left behind, even if some man comes along and teaches her how to kiss properly. After all, no dude is going to be able to do that thing they do where they’re grinding their pussies kind of near each other.

Somehow, Paige Owens, Jill Kassidy and Adria Rae have been grounded together, by (I think) Paige’s mom, and let me say that nothing in this scene makes a damn lick of sense, from three girls getting grounded by one girl’s mom to Paige rattling on a locked door when she’s on the unlockable side of it to that ridiculous shirt she’s wearing. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she had engineered the whole situation in order to end up locked in a room with two hot girls, no wifi, and nothing to do but eat pussy and get hit in the face with soft, natural tits all day lo-… What a minute. Oh, well played, Paige. well played indeed. If you were a lesbian and you wanted to fuck your best friends, you’d do exactly the same.

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