Dripping Wet porn video

Lesbian Marine Action: ‘Dripping Wet’

Viv Thomas’ new lesbian title Dripping Wet isn’t a superhero movie, but it has made me think of superhero movies. Every superhero with the powers of a god – your Wonder Womans, your Supermans, your Captains Marvel – eventually gets asked the same question. A villain comes along and says, more or less “Hey – we’re gods! Why not rule this place together and make these mortals do what we say? We can clean up the joint and keep them from their murderous ways, stop them from kicking their dogs and beating their wives and building hydrogen bombs, make this a decent neighborhood. What do you say?” And the hero looks around and says, in the words of whatever lazy screenwriter is hacking away at this particular script, “I get you – they’re horrible and they torture each other and some of them are pickup artists and Nazis, but sometimes they sacrifice themselves for love or write symphonies, so it’s all worth it,” and then there’s a big fight. But the hero never mentions movies like “Dripping Wet”, which is frisky and light and has plenty of lesbian action with girls eating ice cream and each other with no explanation or dialogue and should e beloved by everyone. Any society which makes movies like “Dripping Wet”, in my opinion, deserves to survive.  The clever wordplay of the title, “Dripping Wet”, might make you think, given that this is porn, that the girls are just going to be dripping with their own personal juices, but each scene takes place in or around some kind of water – a lake, a pool, a shower, whatever is handy. I guess it’s a lesbian thing? Hannah Vivienne and Verona Sky, a pair of cute Russians, take a paddleboat out on a lake, frisk and flirt on the water, and then get back to dry land for some wet kisses and explorations into their slippery parts. Setting the tone for the whole title, Hannah and Verona are playful, sweet, and romantic.Lexi Dona and Karol Lilien are a pair of Czechs who find themselves afloat on a lake in Hungary (judging from the ensign their boat is flying, although I can’t tell what lake – Balaton, maybe, or Velence). They’ve taken a pleasure boat out on the water, and it is a pleasure boat in every sense, since it has plenty of room for them to strip down, and frolic. There seem to be other people on the boat, but they leave our heroines alone when it’s time to get busy, which they do in the sun as the boat rocks beneath them. The water is calm and sparkling, and you have to be glad it’s lesbian action – a dude pumping and humping and thrusting would just make waves.Talia Mint, an adorable Ukrainian, is just trying to get a little sun when the mischievous Sarah Cute, whose name describes her perfectly, sets a sprinkler to go off right next to her. I’m guessing these two play pranks like this on each other all the time, because instead of mayhem and murder being done, Talia chases Sarah down and they end up making out against a wall and then fucking on the patio furniture. Sarah definitely ends up getting rewarded by her lesbian girlfriend for her act of war, and then Talia thanks her for it by getting her face deep in Sarah’s pussy.There’s no gimmick to the scene with sexy Brazilian Luna Corazon and her Czech friend Lady Dee – the two of them are just frisking around in the pool, and then they’re lying out by the pool, and then they are someplace not quite as public as the pool, and then they’re mam king out in the shower and then they’re just licking each other in the locker room, and all of a sudden we’re wondering how much we would have to pay to get a membership at that club, wherever it is, since they allow lesbian sex in the locker rooms, and then we realize that we wouldn’t be allowed in those locker rooms anyway, and we settle back to watch how Luna gets deep in Lady Dee from behind and how Dee pushes Luna up against the wall, and we thank god we’re not there to mess it up.

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