#LetsDoeIt Nancy A porn video

Nancy A.’s ‘Secret Fantasies’: An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy

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So the newest title from Porndoe Premium’s letsdoeit appears to be a set of very specific fantasies: those of someone named Nancy A. You may, or you may not, remember Nancy A from her last effort, Playful Sinner,¬†which was also a long showcase for one girl’s perversion, insofar as the kind of thing Nancy gets up to in her mind’s eye can be described as perversion. I’m going to spoiler this a little right up front: Nancy’s Secret Fantasies aren’t really what you’d call extreme, or dangerous, or even that unusual. Truth is, though, now that I think about it, a girl who dreams about masturbating, giving a nice blowjob, not taking it in the ass, and fucking mostly one dude at a time, with time out for a couple of encounters with girls, is kind of a rarity in porn.

I mean, after all, it might be the case that Nancy lives in a crowded Prague house with like nine kids and four generations of prudish Catholic relatives, and having the time and the privacy to get just one good masturbation session in is a precious, unattainable dream.

Maybe Nancy’s secret is that she’s not a debauched slut with holes big enough that only a fire-hydrant-sized cock will satisfy her.

There’s a chance that her secret is that while all her friends are trolling Tinder for five-man gangbang crews, Nancy likes to focus her attention on one dick at a time.

Possibly Nancy’s dream of one nice guy with a reasonably-sized cock is so out of step with her life of working post-Communist state dinners that it constitutes a sweet, gauzy reverie.

It’s not entirely unlikely that Nancy’s fantasy about her wrists being lightly restrained by soft rope until her partner lets her loose for a romantic makeout session is just the natural reaction to a lifetime of anxiety about the windowless rooms under KDB headquarters in Minsk.

Her soft-focus dream of a cozy firelit threesome with two other sexy, natural-bodied women could just be a way to escape the reality of a life in which she’s surrounded by porn dudes.

Come to think of it, most of that sounds pretty nice. It might be worth scaling back some of my own fantasies. Call me, Nancy.

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