Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 12

Family Freaks: ‘Forbidden Family Affairs 12’

The Forbidden part of Forbidden Family Affairs 12 seems not to be that family members are engaging in explicit and graphic sexual activity in contravention of (at least some parts of) the Bible and thousands of years of human genetic experimentation, but that they are doing it while their elders are being disapproving in the background. But how can you tell it’s forbidden if you don’t have a grouchy adult yapping at you about what you shouldn’t be doing? Besides, in families like these, there is an excellent chance that everybody’s going to be fucking everybody else pretty soon anyway.

Erika Devine‘s mom thinks she should stay the hell away from her brother – he’s bad news, she says. And she’s right – he’s a sullen, selfish dick who can’t be bothered to contribute to the family. What Erika wants, though, is a dick; she’s tired of Peter having all the fun while she has to sit home and be a good girl. It turns out there are ways to be a bad girl at home, though – when she sneaks into his room and starts sucking her brother’s cock, she finds out just how bad she can be. Things get really tense when Mom decides it’s time to clean Peter’s room, though – the bathroom is the only refuge, and it’s a good thing mom can’t see what’s going on in there. The slutty blonde and her brother make a lot of noise, but even when Erika’s panting and coming, mom doesn’t get it. Erika gets it, though – right on her face.

When Elena Koshka gets herself and her brother grounded for a month by coming home drunk from a party at seven in the morning, it’s the worst thing in the world. What the fuck are they going to do at home for four weeks with no phones, no friends, no internet, and nobody but family to hang around with? The answer is obvious to us, but it takes them two weeks to get to it (luckily, not shown in real time). If there’s nobody else to fuck, they’re just going to have to fuck each other! Elena misses her boyfriend, but any cock will do at this point. Even though Dad’s in the next room, brother and sister decide to risk it, so Elena gets on her knees to worship his big cock. It’s a good thing Dad’s oblivious, or he probably would have asked about the big load of cum on Elena’s face.

Watching a scary movie makes Brooke Haze excited and wet, so she needs someone to work her emotions out onforbidden-family-affairs-vol-12 when it gets going. Her brother is the only one around, and his dick is hard and ready, so she can divide her attention between cocksucking and being scared. Family complications arise when Grandpa shows up – he loves scary movies too, although for different reasons. It’s a good thing for the kids that Grandpa falls asleep early, though – they can get really crazy on the couch while he dozes. Brooke takes the massive cock from behind, moaning and groaning with grandpa three feet away. Frankly, these two don’t seem like tey care if they get caught.

The bathroom downstairs is out of commission, so Blair Williams‘ dad tells her she has to use the other one, which is an inconvenience, but since Dad is shaving in there with a hard cock while Mom takes a shower, the appeal of sneaking in for some family action is very high. Blair likes her sex risky, it looks like, and she gets on her knees to suck her dad’s dick with mom right next door. It’s a good thing the water’s running, because mom would definitely be able to hear the quacking and gagging. Blair has obviously fucked her dad before, because he’s not surprised at how good she is, or at how tight her pussy is. It’s also lucky that mom doesn’t ask why dad’s cock is so hard when he hands her the shampoo. When dad finally takes Blair in the bedroom to fuck her on the bed, they finish up with a hot facial just before mom comes out.

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