Busting the Babysitter 3 porn video

Babysitter in Trouble: ‘Busting the Babysitter #3’

With respect to the babysitters in my life – the blonde girl from down the street, my mom’s friend, the other blonde girl from down the street – I am starting to feel, after a certain amount of time spent in porn, that I have been cheated out of some quintessential babysitter experiences. None of the sitters in Busting the Babysitter 3┬áis banging the kids, though, and I guess it’s my own fault for not having kids of my own and giving myself the chance to introduce an au pair to the wonders of anal or swinging or whatever. I should have been more ambitious.

Dillion Harper‘s alone time in the hotel room where she’s been set up allows her to watch porn on the hotel TV, but she doesn’t know that she’s part of someone else’s entertainment. Her employer has cameras all over the place, and when he asks the babysitter why she’s been masturbating furiously to hundreds of dollars worth of pay-per-view porn next door to his kids, she decides the best course would be to fuck him instead of asking why he’s been filming her. His protests about her morality seem kind of hollow when he’s fucking her mouth, but she doesn’t take note of the incongruities. Dillion’s pretty cute and she has the innocent/slutty please-don’t-tell-on-me-Mr. Preston little-girly patter down pat, the kind that sounds especially cute when contrasted with choking and gagging cocksucking noises, and if you like it, you’ll like her. It’s a little much for me, but some people dig it.

You might think twice about hiring Cadey Mercury to take care of your kids if she gave you a completely unsolicited handjob during the interview, but then you might not. Ryan Driller does not, and it turns out that morality isn’t her problem. Stealing is, though, and when he catches her on cam absconding with some cash, he has a perfect opportunity to blackmail her into fucking him instead of being prosecuted. Cadey didn’t think she was going to end up being a plaything for her boss, but you reap what you sow, and that handjob turns into a fullblown fuckfest. Cadey is really cute, with the kind of haircut that upsets dudes who don’t like short hair. I am not one of those dudes, and I’m perfectly okay with watching the pixie-cut babysitter get fucked silly, even if I think Ryan Driller’s pathway to it is kind of unethical. Still, ethics are secondary when you get to pump a load into a pussy that tight.

Adriana Chechik‘s boss really likes the way she applied for the job, which was by walking into his bathroom, getting on her knees and sucking his cock in the shower, but he’s not all that fond of how she does the job, which is by lying around until the late morning and forgetting to pick up his son. Things are going to change, he says in a nearly incomprehensible accent as he threatens to expose the babysitter’s flaws, and Adriana agrees that the current state of affairs is untenable. The proposed change – to having her ass fucked instead of just her mouth and pussy – is acceptable, and soon Adriana is bouncing on the boss’s cock and taking a creampie in her asshole. That’s what a bad work ethic will get you.

We have no real reason to suspect that Lily Rader is a babysotter, or that she requires any busting, but she thinks her employer is a little creepy and might be about to hit on her. You’d think that with concerns of that nature she would take some elementary precautions, like not masturbating in the kitchen – or really anywhere but in the bedroom, not that it would matter, given that there are cameras in the bedroom too – but her employer is bent on fucking her, and when she tries to claim she’s a lesbian, he just blackmails her with the masturbation videos. He’s right about one thing, if nothing else – no lesbian sucks cock like that; the little blonde babysitter proves she has a fair amount of experience with dicks, and ends up begging for a load on the face. Then she sues him for invasion of privacy and attempted blackmail, and his life is ruined. Justice is served. That last part happens after the credits, probably.

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