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‘MILF Tames Brat 3’: Wisdom of the Ages | Naked Truth on Gamelink

It’s the natural role of the older woman to educate and train the younger – I hear it’s been going on for thousands of years, one generation passing knowledge down to the next, keeping the arcane mysteries of womanhood alive down through the ages. Stuff like…well, I don’t really know what stuff, because I’ve always been a man and don’t really have access to the arcane mysteries of womanhood, but…lore, I guess? Anyway, the good people at Crave Media – I’m assuming they’re good people because look at this movie – have brought us MILF Tames Brat #3, in which we get to see older women teaching younger women the ins and outs of things like seducing women, eating pussy, and fingering a hot girl to a shrieking climax.

Sabrina Rouge has lots of clients in her very fashionable salon, but not all of them get the same treatment as Sarah Banks does. It might be because Sarah’s hair is such a pleasure to work with, or because she’s rich and pays well, but I’m guessing it’s because she’s hot and ready for seduction. I mean, you’d probably give in pretty quickly too, if Sabrina was rubbing her tits in your face the way she does to Sarah, so I’m not surprised that the younger girl, under the sway of a persuasive MILF, ends up in the stylist’s chair with her legs spread and her pussy being authoritatively fingered, and you can totally see how she ends up on her knees with Sabrina squirting in her face. It’s nice when your trip to the stylist includes wash, set, color, and orgasms!

Makayla Cox wants to know exactly what Izzy Bell wants for her wedding – it’s a woman’s special day, and she deserves to have all the stops pulled out. Izzy’s got some issues, though – the pressure of figuring out all the details is crushing. Sexy lesbian MILF Makayla, though, thinks that maybe there’s something else at work, though – she thinks Izzy might like girls, and even though Izzy says that’s not really what’s bugging her, Makayla’s not about to take no for an answer. As it happens, there are a few things Izzy didn’t know about her own preferences. She had no idea how much she’d like a woman’s tongue in her ass, for one, nor how she’d feel about rubbing her cunt against another one until she comes. And that’s just the beginning! Turns out a strapless strapon is just the thing to take the edge off a stressful situation.

Zoe Bloom‘s problem is a universal one – she just doesn’t know if she’s ready to get fucked. Her boyfriend is pushing her to go all the way, but she’s not sure. What if it hurts? What if he’s no good? What if it really hurts? Sheena Ryder, her best friend’s mom, can’t tell her exactly what it’s going to be like, but as a MILF who has clearly done a lot of fucking, she can do her best to show Zoe what a good solid pounding is like – after all, she has a big dildo, a strapon harness, and a good strong core, and what more do you need to show an inexperienced girl what a hard cock can do? She teaches Zoe to suck cock, pay attention to the balls, and take a big dick deep in her pussy. By the time Sheena’s done with her, Zoe is as ready as a girl can be to go all the way!

It’s hard to think about something like food when someone as tasty as young Athena Rayne is around, so it’s no surprise that predatory MILF Veronica Kirei can’t keep her mind on the cooking lessons she’s supposed to be giving. Athena is a curvy young redhead with a peaches-and-cream complexion, and so while Veronica – tall, blonde and hot – can’t think about anything but eating, it’s not the peppers they’ve chopped that’s making her mouth water. Veronica’s mouth isn’t the only thing that’s wet, either – Athena may have come for cooking lessons, but now she’s just coming for Veronica, riding her face, her fingers, and her big fat strapon. Turns out Veronica has valuable lessons to teach in every room, not just the kitchen!

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