Pornstars appear in Squirt If You Love Me.

Squirt if You Love Me: ‘He Made My Wife Squirt #3’ | Naked Truth on Gamelink

New Sensations has long been the leader in mostly nonthreatening, light cuckolding porn that lets you know that you are inadequate as a husband. That no matter how much you love her, no matter how big your cock is, no matter how attentive you are to her needs, your wife really needs someone else – someone bigger, someone blacker, someone more skilled. Or maybe just some more guys – a barbershop quartet, perhaps, or a basketball team. Well, good news – if you had someone managed to come to terms with the fact that you can’t satisfy your wife physically, New Sensations has come up with another problem for you to wrestle with in He Made My Wife Squirt #3 – you can’t make your wife squirt, and (they imply by extension) you just don’t know how to make her come at all. I mean, no shame in it, right? You just don’t have the training. Like, if your wife wanted to know how to fly a stealth fighter, say, or lead an expedition across the Sahara, you’d have to get a specialist in to teach her how, because you just don’t have what it takes. Sure, those guys are a lot cooler than you, and you can probably do stuff they can’t, like accounting or driving kids to school, but still. You can’t make your wife squirt.  

India Summer‘s husband has left her tied up – mostly – and playing with herself in a big comfy chair, and he left the key under the mat for Brad Newman to find, whcih makes it easy for Brad to surprise India as she uses her limited mobility to go after herself with a big Hitachi. A Hitachi, though, is no substitute for a big cock and talented hands, which is what Brad is bringing to the table. India, who disappeared briefly and then came back with a different hair color – kind of like how Gandalf the Grey took a break from wizarding for a bit and returned as Gandalf the Blonde – is not surprised at all when he turns up in her locked house; I suspect this isn’t the first time her husband has called Brad in for some consulting work. Brad says he’s not going to untie her, but if he didn’t how would he get her squirting, which is his main job? So he gets the ropes off her, although, honestly, if he was a real pro, he could make that pussy gush no matter how she was restrained, and gets some expert cocksucking and applies his tongue to her clit and gets his face hosed down for his troubles. India squirts as much as any husband could possibly want, on his hands, his cock and his face, not to mention on the floor and the couch. And then Brad squirts on her face too.  

Krissy Lynn, whose name sounds like she is a contemporary of ’80s icons like Porsche Lynn, Amber Lynn and Ginger Lynn, but who is actually part of a whole new generation of Lynn girls, has been left home alone by her husband, who has wired the place for video and is watching from a remote location, in spite of the fact that the cameras he’s using aren’t going to be great for catching squirting, mounted as they are near the ceiling. He probably should have brought in a guy for the cinematography too, but it is what it is. By text, he lets Krissy know that he expects her to absolutely ruin the sheets, and she promises to live up to his expectations, via the ministrations of Ramon Nomar, whose contribution to the exchange is “Oh jes.” They don’t even make it up the stairs before she’s slobbering all over his cock but they do move on to the bedroom before the squirting begins – and a good thing too, because wet stairs are dangerous. She does indeed give the sheets a soaking, and she takes a big load on the tits her husband bought her.  

Andi Rye‘s problem – her husband’s problem, rather – isn’t jsut that she hasn’t been able to squirt; it’s that she hasn’t been able to come at all. You’ll agree, I think, that that’s a real problem for a man in his position, and he has taken steps to remedy the issue by engaging the firm of Stirling Cooper (I’m not kidding – the guy’s porn name is Stirling Cooper; no word on whether he occasionally performs with his buddy Draper Pryce) to come in, examine the subject, and get the waterworks flowing. “I haven’t come in a long time,” Andi confesses, to which Stirling Cooper says “This isn’t about you – it’s about what Eric wants.” What Eric wants is for someone else to do the heavy lifting, so Cooper employs a guttural voice, a Hitachi and some pounding fingers to get her gushing; then he ties her to the banister, fucks her mouth, and then pounds her with his cock, at which the sexy redhead admits to being a nasty little slut, squirts all over his cock, and takes a gooey facial.

When Chad White finds out that he has to cancel his date and go help the boss’s wife after work, he’s not happy, but the job seems to depend on it, so the boss says go and he goeth. When he finds out that what his boss wants help with is eating Lindsey Cruz‘s pussy, fucking her silly, and making her squirt, though, the job all of a sudden seems way more appealing. Lindsey Cruz is fully on board – she says they have an open relationship, and Chad is ready to believe her. If it were me, I’d check in with the boss, but he takes her word for it, and he’s balls deep in her throat almost immediately. Lindsey seems to feel like sucking his cock is a prerequisite to her own pleasure, which is nice, and she works her pussy with her fingers while she does it. Chad finally gets his chance at some or active cock deployment and acquits himself well, being – of course – much bigger than her husband; the blonde hotwife is able to squirt on his tongue, squirt on his fingers, and squirt on his cock, and finally she opens up her mouth for a load of cum on her tongue. Well, on her tongue and nearby.

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