True Anal Training 2 porn video

‘True Anal Training 2’: Well, This Is How You Learn About Anal

Four Stars

If anyone can offer up True Anal Training these days, I suppose it’s be Mike Adriano. He has as good a claim as anyone else. Truth is, though, I’ve seen a lot of these girls in movies before, and they certainly do not need any training. They are, in fact, anal professionals. Although maybe asses are like Microsoft — you have to get recertified every couple of years if you want to keep your credentials up to date. If that’s the case, then Mike Adriano is certainly a good person to go to. And if you like gaping asses, tongues being sunk deep into open assholes, oily butts, and creampies, then Mike Adriano is definitely the guy to go to for you.

Kissa Sins says she’s new to anal, but she’s had her share of cocks in that ass. She doesn’t seem to have gotten jaded about it, though — Mike’s dick is a treat that she thoroughly enjoys, and her infectious grin never wavers, even when she’s getting pounded as hard as a girl can get pounded. And when Mike is plunging his tongue in her asshole and you can’t see her face, you can still hear her moans of appreciation. Kissa has a sexy body with really nice tits, but most of the focus is, understandably, on her ass. She’s playful, giggly, filthy, and very proud of her gaping hole, inside which she welcomes pretty much everything Mike wants to put in it, including his cock, his fingers, his tongue, some toys, and a load of cum, although that last creampie is allowed to drip out almost immediately.

Anastasia Knight, dressed in an oddly jangling set of yellow fishnets, says she’s brand new, eighteen (although going on nineteen), and fresh out of Michigan. She’s done anal as a camgirl before but — she says –not professionally. She says she’s been doing it for years and brags that she can take a Mandingo-sized cock, so Mike should be no problem, right? Anastasia speaks in a breathy little-girl voice that I find kind of annoying, but which my appeal to those of you who like the contrast of filth and innocence. She does look like she’s no bigger than a Russian gymnast, but she’s experienced enough not to blanch at the idea of tossing Mike’s salad, and there’s no hesitation at taking his cock in any of her holes. She gapes like a pro, and moans like she’s being paid when he fills her tight hole with his jizz in a solid creampie.

Emily Willis, nineteen and perky, says she hails from Utah; she’s dark and lithe, and says she loves anal; she’s not that experienced, but says she likes it because fucking in the pussy is boring, and anal is hotter — and I quote — because it’s in the butt? I don’t know!? Luckily, she is more articulate with her asshole than she is with her mouth, and her anus, figuratively at least, speaks volumes. Not in English, though. Oiled up and laughing, she takes Mike’s dick deep in her ass, fingers herself, chokes on him as he fucks her throat, and then goes back to anal so he can repeatedly stretch her out and then show off her gape, and finally takes a creampie load and gapes some more to let it drip out.

AJ Applegate says she likes spoon and missionary, that she’s been having a lot of anal sex recently, including the last five days straight, and that Mike is the only one who can make her gape, possibly because of the shape of his dick? but when the time comes for action, none of that matters. AJ is a legit star, and she has a perfect ass, so I shouldn’t need to say much about what happens next. There’s a lot of spitting, a lot of gaping, a lot of ass-fucking, some energetic and sloppy cocksucking, plenty of oil, a fair amount of squirting, and the usual (for this title, anyway) creampie, which is farted out to drip down her pussy lips. If that’s your bag, this movie will have been a hundred percent satisfying!

Val Williams

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