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‘Evil Oil’: Slippery Adventures


I’m gonna be upfront here and tell you that I just don’t get oil. I mean, I support its use in cooking, and for keeping bicycle chains lubed up, and for enabling the Tin Man to talk, and for maintaining the military supremacy of the Allies over the Axis (and yes, I know those are different kinds of oil) but when it comes to basting women in it, the appeal eludes me. Don’t get me wrong — that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching Evil Oil. The perennial quality of Barbie Sins, a bleached blonde with fake tits that never really get properly displayed, hardly needs to be oiled up — she squirts enough to keep herself lubricated, and she ends up with quite a lot of Markus Dupree`s com on her face. He absolutely ravages her asshole, focusing on anal and having her push her colon out so we can get a good view of it, but there is enough regular fucking to satisfy the less internal-organ-obsessed porn fan as well. By the end of the scene, her makeup is destroyed, her asshole is gaping, and she’s a sore, tender mess, gasping for breath and dripping with oil.

Jessie Lee is a Bettie Page-style Goth with raven-black hair, bangs, and blood-red lipstick; she’s decked out in thigh-high boots, fishnets and sporting a pair of duct-tape stars over her nipples. She and Jessy Jones waste no time — his cock is in her mouth immediately while he explores her cunt with his fingers and she gasps in anticipation, and then he’s fucking her. Good thing she’s oiled up, especially since the oil she has to start with is all she gets. Jesse fucks her pussy hard without trying for her ass, but they don’t seem to mind the lack of anal action. It’s a straightforward, vanilla fuck, but I have no objection to that. He has the opportunity to pop deep inside her, but stands up to give her a facial instead.

Lily Lane looks amazing — lean, strong and fierce. She’s got really tall boots, long black hair, and black lingerie, and she?s constantly in motion. Tommy Pistol is decked out in a long rubber coat that shines almost as much as Lily does. She pours a dollop of oil into her mouth as she sucks his cock, and there’s a lot of boob/tit interaction (I guess titfucking is a really good venue for oil, now that I think about it — certainly works for me in this context!) but soon enough they get to the main event (although anything involving those tits is arguably a main event in itself). Lily bounces on, chokes on, and rubs her feet on Tommy’s dick before taking a sticky facial.

I haven’t seen much of Rocky Emerson yet, but I like what I see, even if it’s covered in oil. There’s a lot of her — she’s well over six feet tall, but lean and slender, with tattoos all over? Steve Holmes is her partner, and he douses her with oil even though she’s already done a good deal of that. Rocky is wearing — although wearing is a strong word — a rope harness that frames her athletic body perfectly. He keeps her on her hands and knees — since she’s already a couple of inches taller than she is, it would be hard to dominate her the way he wants to if she were looming over him. I’ve seen him have trouble with someone who was 5’11”, but then that was an Amazon. Rocky gives him no trouble, so it’s not really a rough scene; it is, in fact, surprisingly tender, inasmuch as a scene that ends with a grunting facial can be tender.

Val Williams

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