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‘The Daughter Deal’: Commodities Trading in the Family Roleplay Market


I have to admit that I really look forward to seeing what creepy shit Rodney Moore does ? in his best moments ? for goofiness and whimsy; I don?t know if Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead are the ones doing the plotting, or if they just turn the raw material into gold, but kudos to everyone there. The Daughter Deal is no exception.

Steve Holmes is not happy at all to be towing his bad-penny daughter around ? after she took some drugs, did some stupid shit, and got suspended from school (and if she?s as irresponsible as she acts when she?s knocking around his office, I?m not surprised that at nineteen Elena Koshka is still attending and institution she can get suspended from); he?s already stressed, with a big deal on the table and an asshole boss to deal with, and having his good-for-nothing daughter in the office is just making it worse. On the other hand, if you listen to his sales call, it seems like he might just not be very good at his job, so when Chad Alva, the new boss, comes in to fire him and sees Elena taking ass-heavy selfies in the office, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Even though this was clearly the last straw, Steve blames Elena for his misfortune, and she?s contrite enough and foolish enough to say she?ll do whatever it takes to help. Steve has been in porn long enough that the phrase ?whatever it takes? is a clear call to action, so he brings Chad back in and basically offers to let Chad do whatever he wants with the repentant but very surprised Elena, who isn?t so much of a slut that she?s not totally taken aback at being whored out. It turns out that she got suspended for pulling a train in the bathroom at school, and she?s willing to lean into the deal, so Chad gets a very experienced slut to take care of his business needs. Elena sucks cock like a pro and shrieks like a banshee while Steve waits outside, and Chad leaves a load deep in her cunt.

Steve’s still fired when Chad finishes defiling his daughter ? arguably, having a guy in the office who would whore out his daughter for the sake of his job isn’t any better than having a shitty salesman, so Chad tells him to pask his shit and go. And in the aftermath of that disaster, Elena reveals why she’s so slutty ? she?s been aware of how much Steve wants to fuck her for a long time. He’s willing to take his boss?s sloppy seconds; in the wake of some family revelations, Steve loses his temper and fucks his daughter on his desk. He?s not quite the milquetoast she thought, and the resultant fuck is much rougher than she thought it would be ? but not rougher than she can take. Elena ends up with another load in her dripping pussy, and everyone?s satisfied for the moment.

The second scene amps up the creep factor but loses some points for believability; Dick Chibbles, who can creep with the best of them, and Syren DeMer are involved in some kind of daughter-swapping deal where they send off their daughter to another family and receive one in return. The one they get is Alex Blake, who is long and lanky and has bangs and perky tits and is the perfect girl to acquire if you want to fuck a daughter but can?t quite bring yourself to do it to your own. Dick and Syren make a strong case for daughter swapping, and Alex, although traumatized by the idea, ends up persuaded by the power of cock (and pussy); she?s nineteen, after all ? what else is she going to do? Syren and Dick make a great team, and once she?s had them fucking her for a while, Alex starts to see the benefits of a mom and dad who love her very very much.

Val Williams

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