Lipstick Lesbians porn video

‘Lipstick Lesbians’: Messy…but Soooo Cute

3.5 Stars

So usually the phrase Lipstick Lesbians implies a particular thing: soft, cuddly lesbians who aren’t threatening to men — no bulldykes, no buzz cuts, no ripped T-shirts. We’re talking your Anne Heches and your Ellen Pages, not your Rachel Maddows, or even your Ellen DeGenereseses. But this Brett Rossi has all the confidence in the world — maybe too much, given that her sales pitch isn’t impressing Angela White at all. Angela?s a busy woman with a lot of people begging for her time, and Brett and Penny Pax are using theirs up quickly. Brett’s lipstick business is ready to take off, but first they need to seduce Angela. Fortunately, Angela is very ready to be seduced. Within minutes, shy assistant Penny is face-down in Angela?s boobs, with Brett desperate to do anything to get Angela?s approval. Brett?s not off the hook, though, and she’s in the mix too; with blonde, brunette and redhead lesbians all licking, sucking and fucking at top capacity, the room turns into a steamy sex party in no time. Big tits bounce, tight pussies cream, and tongues tangle in a threesome for the ages.

Mia Malkova is ready to dazzle the absolute shit out of April O?Neil, and she does — by grabbing April the second she gets in the office and kissing her hard, pushing her down in a chair, and getting one hand on April?s tits and another up her skirt. Apparently that’s what lesbians do on job interviews. It might not work for you or me, but April is susceptible to hot lesbians — especially blondes — and she responds just the way Mia wanted her to. She gets wet in seconds, and her reaction to Mia?s unbelievably curvy ass is just what yours would be. It’s not harassment if you don’t actually work together yet, right? Right: so Mia’s free to sit right back on April’s face, lick her clit, and finger-fuck her to a screaming climax.

Charlotte Stokely wants to know what she should wear to the party tonight — is her skirt too short? Is her top too loose? Can Georgia Jones see her pussy when she dances? Georgia does her best to help out — if she were a man, she says, she’d be so turned on! It turns out not to matter, though — she’s turned on anyway, and instead of going to the party, Georgia and Charlotte decide to stay home and help each other out. After all, why bother going out to a club and taking your chances with club dudes, dodgy booze, and the possibility of getting roofied when you have two wet pussies, four perfect tits, two hungry mouths, and two explosive lesbian libidos right there at home? Who needs to spend money on a club when you can have amazing lesbian sex right now? Georgia licks Charlotte, Charlotte licks Georgia, and everyone’s happy ? except for the guys at the club who are missing out!

Darcie Dolce is surprised by how hot her petite but busty red-headed assistant Bree Daniels looks in the red lingerie she?s modeling, but she?s even more surprised to find that her petite but busty red-headed assistant is hell-bent on making her way up the ladder by using her body to entice her lesbian boss. Bree wants to go to the fashion show tomorrow, and if she has to sleep her way in the door, then that?s what she?ll do. Turns out that Darcie hired her for her tits anyway, so she?s really happy to have a chance to get up close and personal with them, They?re a gorgeous pair of 34Cs and they look amazing bouncing, swaying, and pressed up against Darcie?s DDs. In fact, both Darcie and Bree look great together, and if you don?t think so, well, you?ve bought the wrong movie.

Val Williams

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