Russian Hacker porn video

Anal ‘Russian Hackers’: A Backdoor into the System

3.75 Stars

If you’re liberal, the first thing you want to see right now is a bunch of Russian hackers getting fucked hard. If you’re conservative, you’re not going to admit that Russian hackers exist, but you should be wanting to see them getting fucked, given your party’s historical antipathy to Commies. Either way, you should be happy to watch Russian Hackers, a Private movie in which a bunch of Russian hackers get fucked. There’s a plot, but — as usual with Mila Milan has been brought in for some other crime — the voiceover says she’s cracked every crypto-currency in the world — but is quickly convinced that it’s in her best interests to help catch another hacker. The sexy blonde, whose tits are bigger than they look, opts to seal the deal with a hardcore fuck, taking both of her interrogators on and giving up every hole. Of course a Russian hacker is used to backdoor action, and Mila is no exception — her captors fuck pussy, ass and mouth with equal gusto, and she takes a pair of hot loads on her face.

Newly minted double agent Mila enlists Nicole Black to entrap their quarry with the old “Ow, my ankle” honey trap, sending her out to fall in his path while he’s out on his morning walk. No normal man could resist the trim, raven-haired Nicole, and Alexei knows her from times gone by, so he’s aware that if he takes her back to his house, he’s more than likely to score, and score big. Nicole. like all Russian women, loves anal, and Alexei knows he’s going to get in that tight ass with no trouble at all. He does, and she fucks him to exhaustion, after which she raids his computer.

Mila pays a visit to Alexei and reveals that she’s acting on behalf of some government agents who are setting him up. “How much money you will get to sold me out?” he asks, astonished. “But there is some fucking hacker’s ethic!” Alexei looks anguished, but he’s soothed by her additional revelation that she has a crush on him, and that’s enough to make him forget he’s in danger. Honestly, I’d take a break from fleeing the Feds too if it meant getting to fuck Mila, who is exactly the kind of boyish (except for those tits) blonde I grew up having crushes on in the eighties (think Markie Post, Lieutenant Yar, and the new Starbuck). She doesn’t give up the anal this time, but he doesn’t seem to mind, and pops on her face after fucking her tits for a while.

Turns out there’s another guy involved — I don’t know exactly how, but Mila seems to be reporting to him about the possibility of catching Alexei. The prospects look good, so he decides to take a break with Elena Vega and Stacy Cruz, who are after all already in his swimming pool and ready to fuck. In fact, it’s their idea, and he goes along with it happily. They give him a hot double blowjob and then do all the things that female Russian intelligence agents are famous for — lots of fucking, mainly, but also a lot of oral to go with it, with one girl taking cock while the other slathers the penetration with her tongue. Eventually, the two girls lie back so he can shoot on their faces.

The setup is ready, and Mila brings Elena, the sexy brunette from the recent threesome, and a male agent to complete the trap. Right at the beginning, though, Alexei reveals that foursome freak him out, and it looks like things might be going south, but apparently foursomes don?t freak him out enough that he won?t do one. Pretty soon he?s fucking Mila?s face while Elena and George get it on nearby, and that devolves into a side-by-side twin fuck on the chaises longues, and from there it?s a short step to an anal free-for-all. Both Mila and Elena get fucked in the ass, Mila takes a load of cum on her tits, and Elena takes hers on the face.

Val Williams

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