Screw the Cops porn video

‘Screw the Cops’: Thank You for Your Servicing, Mister Police Man

3 Stars

Screw the Cops seems like an appealingly anarchistic thing to say, with a lot of punk in it and just a touch of NWA, but that’s not really what’s going on here. I think we all know where this is going, since it’s porn, but I do find it interesting that the title isn’t just straight up Fuck the Police. I mean, it?s unlike porn to take the delicate route, isn’t it? Like, Screw the Cops is unnecessarily, I don’t know, tasteful? Or at least less offensive than it could be. Wisely, there is no interracial in this title, but at least Layla Love is very badly behaved, no matter how you slice it; her constant whining that she didn’t do nothing is belied by the fact that she steals a police car the first chance she gets. She may not have done nothing before that, but once she gets going, the arresting officer gets so pissed at her that he decides justice would be best served by just taking the blonde offender to a remote location and fucking her. She’d rather take some cop dick than get taken down to the station down, and once he gets his cock out, she’s perfectly willing to pretend that she likes what’s happening. She gets fucked hard bending over and lying on the seat of the car, and also manages to pretend she likes a cumshot cross the belly.

Maya Bijou is sunbathing — oddly, in the shade — out in her backyard when an officer stops by to let her know that the neighbors are having some issues with whatever noise she’s been making. One assumes she’s been masturbating out there, because she doesn’t have any music going or anything; anyway, it’s a shame the neighbors didn’t come by to talk to her themselves, because she’s ready to get fucked. Officer Dick doesn’t think it’s appropriate to put suntan lotion on her, but she does not give one rat’s ass about that, and he’s on top of her in a matter of moments. If the neighbors thought the noise was bad when she was alone, wait till they hear what she’s like with a partner!

Naomi Mae is home alone taking a shower when two intruders make their way into her back door (literally, the back door of her house, not her asshole). Officer Dick scares them off after she calls 911, but she would still feel better with a big strong cop around the house. He’s just trying to do his job, but Naomi is turned on by danger, and she bends over in the kitchen, then takes his cock out and starts to suck. By the time the second housebreaker sneaks out of the closet to make his escape, Officer Dick is balls deep in Naomi’s tight pussy, and he leaves a load on her face and tits. Looks like the house is secure!

Police body cameras are good for lots of things — security, making sure cops behave, and filming amateur porn on the street when a sexy blonde hooker who’s giving head to everyone in the neighborhood goes down on her knees for a hardworking cop. Skylar Madison`s clothes scream slut, and Officer Dick likes what he sees, so he and his partner end up doubleteaming her through a chain-link fence along a stretch of railroad track. Skylar doesn’t mind oe cop in her any more than she minds two, and she ends up with a load on her face — not too high a price to pay for the right to walk the streets unmolested. Well, relatively unmolested, anyway.

Val Williams

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