Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 11 porn video

‘Forbidden Family Affairs 11’: So That’s How This Happens

3.5 Stars

If you’ve been thinking about Forbidden Family Affairs, and wishing you could see some of the scenarios where that kind of taboo action plays out, well, you’re in luck. The four totally plausible scenes in Forbidden Family Affairs 11 are practically a documentary about how American families end up fucking each other. Seriously — if your family looked that good, you’d be maneuvering your way into their pants as well. If your family does look this good, you’re excused from watching the movie; we know you have better things to do.

Athena Rayne is a real cutie, a tiny brunette spitfire with a trim little body and a shitload of opinions about the environment. Some of them are valid and some aren’t, but when she tells her stepbrother she’ll shower with him to save water, he perks right up. And when she says she’ll fuck him if he listens to her, all of a sudden he’s pretty horny for the environment. When Dad leaves to go shopping, the game is on, and big brother will do anything she says, as long as he can get his cock in that tight little cunt. It’s a good thing Dad’s out of the house, because Athena is even louder about getting a deep dicking than she is about conservation. He leaves her with a pretty serious environmental cleanup site on her face.

No family has ever played a game of Twister like this one. It starts off reasonably innocent, but when Chanel Grey`s mom gets distracted by her phone, Chanel and her brother stray from the game and start putting all hands on pink. It’s a wonder mom doesn’t hear what’s going on — Chad’s mouth on Chanel’s pussy is pretty loud, and her moans are definitely distracting. That must be some phone call, because even in the next room, mom should be able to hear those bodies slappin’. She doesn’t interfere, though, and pretty soon brother and sister are fucking in full view. Let’s be honest — mom’s okay with her daughter getting a faceful of brotherly love!

It’s a good thing Xianna Hill is a nurse, because her brother has sustained some massive trauma to what the medical profession calls the cock and balls area. As dudes will, he fell off his skateboard and smashed his nuts; we’ve all been there, but we haven’t all had a sister whow was willing to put in the time to make us feel better. She gets the blood flowing, and by the time she says “Do you want me to kiss it better like mommies do?” he’s forgotten he was ever in any pain at all. She makes sure to take care of his balls and shaft both, and while her treatment is definitely not what mommies do, it does help. She takes him in the bedroom and makes sure everything is still working — a load on her pretty face is all the proof she needs that everything is still in working order.

There?s nothing accidental about it when Sadie Blake ends up fucking her cousin ? they?re straight up crushing on each other, and they?re doing everything but fucking, so it?s no wonder that when she says she?s found a loophole, it turns out to be the one between her legs. No pair of kids this hot has ever just stopped at rubbing their genitalia together ? if you get your pussy that close to a hard dick, it?s going in, no matter what your best intentions might have been. Sure enough, the cock slips in, and then they might as well go all the way, right? They both end up getting what they want ? he gets to shoot his load on her face and she gets a load in the face!

Val Williams

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