Anal Virgin porn video

‘The Anal Virgin’: A First Time for Every Family Member

3.25 Stars

Small Hands, while he is a great porn performer, a hilarious physical comedian, and by all reports a true gentleman, is also the least credible actor in porn when he protests that he and his sister shouldn’t be doing something sexual. When his sister is on his bed begging for anal because she’s been watching him jack off to anal porn and he’s already naked, you look at him with his hands up in the air and say “Well, yeah, that guy will probably do anything.” And he will. Once the delicious Kendra Spade is on her knees with his cock in her mouth, he’s powerless to resist, and she’s going to get what she wants, which is a solid anal reaming. Kendra’s been waiting and masturbating all day — she saw him watching anal porn and now she’s got an itch that only he and his big brother dick can scratch. She gets far more than she expected, and finally he pops on her upturned, gaping asshole. Then he kicks her out, like any reasonable big brother would.

Noemie Bilas is a tiny little cutie with long, ringletted hair, just a hint of an accent from her native Congo, a trim, sexy body with supple C-cup tits, and a huge down on anal sex. Good girls don’t do it, she tells her boyfriend, who after several attempts to sneak into her asshole while she’s not looking breaks up with her. She won’t let him do it, won’t let him watch porn about it, and won’t let him go do it to someone else. Maddeningly, she insists on having a preference and being respected like a human being with rights. I should say right now that this scene is incredibly annoying, in that her boyfriend is the very model of an entitled shitbird; he whines that after three years of not getting to fuck her ass, he just can’t take any more, and he walks out, saying there are plenty of girls at his school who will give it up if he wants them to. When she asks him to come back and says she’ll try it, he hauls out his schlong and slams it in without paying much attention to her protests that maybe he could slow down and let her get ready, and only reluctantly holds up a bit to give her time to adjust. The rest of the scene, leaving aside brief bits of dialogue in which she says, basically, “Easy!” and he says, basically and sometimes actually, “Whatever,” is a pretty standard anal scene that will be enhanced greatly if you have a fetish for entitled white dudes who look and act like tools; if you’re looking for a sterling example of how not to treat your girlfriend if you want to fuck her ass again later, this is your movie.

Val Williams

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