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Making Life Better (For Your Naughty Bits) Gamelink’s Top 5 Sex Toy Brands

By: Val Williams

Technology makes everything better, doesn’t it? I mean, we have microwaves and hybrid engines and graphene and online insurance and teleportation, so why shouldn’t we be applying all that kickass science to the art of getting off? There’s no reason to be relying on spit and rocks, or whatever cavemen used to masturbate. OK, between the teleportation and the rocks, you can probably tell I don’t have all that great a handle on the state of technology, but I do have a pretty good idea who does: it’s the companies who make our best-selling sex toys. Here they are.

  • 1. Doc Johnson

    There might not be any company that produces as wide a range of top quality toys as Doc Johnson. From porn star branded dildos and molded vaginal and anal masturbators, from modular strapon toys to actual furniture, from life-sized body replicas to special creams and sprays, Doc Johnson ha something for every taste. With molded dicks in every size, the Doc Johnson team has something to penetrate every hole, and their many styles of male masturbators will accommodate any cock; they have lubes for every taste, and their BDSM-friendly collection appeals to kinksters of every experience level. On top of all that, their commitment to quality means they use only the best body-safe materials, so you can rest assured that any Doc Johnson product you use will feel great and treat you right.

  • 2. TopCo

    TopCo Sales is one of the oldest and most respected sex toy companies in the world. Established in 1972 in Southern California in the wake of the Sexual Revolution, TopCo has been innovating in both design and technology for nearly fifty years, and their experience shows in their wide array of products. From serious toys for serious players to whimsical creations for the lighthearted, TopCo makes vibrators, dildos, dongs, lubes, masturbation sleeves, and even skin care products, all geared to the widest possible range of tastes. Whatever you want to get up to, TopCo will be there to make it even more fun!

  • 3. California Exotics

    California Exotic as a company believes that sex should be fun. Well, anybody with a reasonable outlook on life believes that, but California Exotic is really doing something about it. With elegant but functional designs, reasonable prices, and innovative technology, the company both makes its own toys and brings together the best of other companies’ work as a distributor to bring you an amazing variety of toys, lingerie, and other fun products. With products for singles and couples, newcomers and veterans, and people of every orientation and gender, California Exotic is just the company to help you realize your erotic vision.

  • 4. Pipedream

    Pipedream has remained on the cutting edge for over 40 years, setting the standard for innovative and affordable products since 1973. It’s hard to believe this international multi-million dollar empire got its start selling smoking accessories out of the back of a van (hence the name Pipedream), only to become the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world. Based in the heart of “Porn Valley” in sunny Chatsworth, California, Pipedream is home to the best-selling and most groundbreaking brands in pleasure products. We were the first to bring BDSM to broader audiences when debuting the Fetish Fantasy Series in 2005, which has since become the #1 selling beginners bondage line in the world. Ten years later and we still lead the soft bondage category, once again being first to market alongside the Fifty Shades frenzy with the Grey-inspired Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition.

  • 5. SystemJo

    If you’ve ever wanted something slippery to rub on your skin, something to make your junk smell nice and feel nice, or something to help you squeeze a big thing inside a small space, System Jo will give you everything you ever wanted – and more. System Jo’s creams, lubes, and lotions comprise a dizzying array of sexual and luxury products – bath bombs, stimulant sprays, massage aids, pheromone sprays, lubricants of every type, and much more. From natural organic ingredients to the latest in technology, System Jo’s here to make life smoother!

Val Williams

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