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Angela White in ‘Smart House of Horrors’: Through the ‘Future Darkly’

4 Stars

There’s a whole lot going on with Future Darkly 2, even before the movie starts. Just looking at the box is a little confusing, until you remember that these Pure Taboo titles have two long scenes, and that Don?t Panic doesn?t have anything to do with Smart House of Horrors. Like, you?d think if you were in a Smart House of Horrors, even with Angela White and her huge tits, that would be a great time to panic. Turns out no. As always, though, once you get into the middle of it, Elena Koshka and and Logan Pierce have adjusted to not being able to use cellphones and to living on the run, but they need food and water. The thing is, if you?ve ever watched anything post-apocalyptic, you know that anyplace that has food and water two months after an apocalypse is a trap. Elena and Logan aren?t very smart (it?s kind of a wonder they?re survived as long as they have) so they walk right into it and end up trapped by Dick Chibbles, who has a gigantic gun and a bargain to make.

Another thing that post-apocalypse America is short of is pussy, and Dick?s willing to give up some food for a crack at Elena. It?s a good bargain, and Logan is willing to make it. Elena has some reservations, but Logan basically begs her to fuck this dude for food. Elena?s hungry, and she agrees, and soon she?s all covered in Dick Chibbles, who, to be fair, had a giant gun and could have just taken what he wanted. He sticks to the deal, though, and even though it sucks that Elena has to whore herself for food, she has maybe been lacking in the dick department for the last couple of months, because she gets into it. Honestly, nobody who?s just fucking for food puts that much effort into getting a cock deep in her throat like she does. My only quibble with this scene is that for a woman who?s been living rough for the last two months, she sure has a neatly shaved pussy.

Jane Wilde and Donnie Rock are moving into a brand-new house (the Smart House of Horrors!) as part of a compensation package, and it looks great. It looks even better with Angela White standing in front of it ? she?s the estate agent for the house. The tour she gives makes everything look fantastic ? who wouldn?t want to live in a home that can tell where you are at any given moment, relay messages between husband and wife, track your moods, sense your level of sexual arousal, and work to adjust your mental health?

OK, scratch that, I can think of a lot of people who wouldn?t want that. Jane and Donnie aren?t so hip to the perils of Big Brother watching them, though, and they leap at the chance. Pretty soon, the house ? going by the name Joy, although by this time we all know who it really is ? is being pretty intrusive, and matters come to a head when Joy won?t leave them alone about fucking and won?t let them out of the house and they panic about not being left alone about fucking and being trapped in the house. In a panic, they call Angela, who comes over and calmly explains that all they have to do is fuck and the house will consider its duty done. They?re reluctant ? they;ve never been watched before, and they?re not sure about how that?s going to work for them, but Angela can?t get out either now, and she?s going to have to watch too. Any reasonable couple would leap at the chance to have Angela White there, but they?re rattled, and it takes them a while to catch on. What results is a threesome with Angela White in it, which is what we came for. She coaxes them through the stages of getting it on with Angela White and everybody ends up getting what they want ? she gets fucked and they get out of the house.

Val Williams

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