Misha Cross: Sex Addict porn video

‘Misha Cross – Sex Addict’: Happily Addicted

4 Stars

I’m gonna level with you here . . . I’ve never heard of Misha Cross. Weird, I know, since she’s apparently a hot property, with her name on a truckload of titles — Misha Cross in Exile, Misha Cross is Evil, Misha Cross: Cock Craving Adventures, Misha Cross Wide Open, not to mention Misha Cross — Sex Addict. Usually, that indicates that someone has some pretty solid notoriety in the mainstream porn scene, especially if she’s got that many titles to her name. One title is nothing big for a hot new girl, but that many means a lot of producers and directors have taken note of a girl, and you’d think that I, as a professional porn reviewer, would have heard something about her. But no. So here’s the deal: If you already know about Misha Cross, then go ahead and dive in, and I’ll catch up, but if you’re new to her as well, then let’s explore together, shall we?

“Sex is my oxygen,?” says Misha Cross to start off the movie, and she is definitely breathing the unadulterated stuff straight from a tank. She starts off in a lesbian scene with tawny auburn-haired Alexis Crystal — the contrast between Alexis’s tanned skin and Misha’s almost Stoya-ishly translucent body is striking and very pleasing. The two of them lick, suck and moan until they’re joined by someone named Lutro, a gentleman with a penis they’re both very interested in. Lutro fucks them both in every available hole and position, penetrating asses, pussies, and mouths, before finally unloading on Alexis? pussy, letting Alexis handle the cleanup duties.

“I do whatever I want, with whomever I want, whenever I want,” says Misha, and what she wants right here and now is to have the absolute daylights dominated out of her by two dudes named Ennio Guardi and Steve Q. No reports on which is which, although they are functionally interchangeable, with big dicks and insatiable appetites. By dominating, also, Misha means fucking, because that is what Ennio and Steve do, fucking her in every hole she has. She loves the double penetration she gets, and begs for more, then happily takes two loads on the face.

“I never get tired of seeing a beautiful woman undress for the first time,” says Misha, and you wouldn’t either if you had Emylia Argan and Lola Mylove around to watch. Of course, we don’t really get to see them undress per se, because by the time we get to them they’re already naked and fingering each other. And Misha, of course — don’t forget Misha. Dido is the blonde, Emylia the brunette, and they look just as good fucking Misha as the guys did. Misha does seem to have as ravenous an appetite as she says she does, for pussy as well as cock.

Steve, I guess, is pretty ravenous too, because he’s back for another crack at Misha. Can’t blame him. It turns out he’s the more broody-looking of the two guys from Scene 2. I don’t know what he has to be broody about, since he gets to bone Misha. She likes what she likes, and part of what she likes is getting fucked by dudes with big dicks, so he’s got an advantage there. “I love to be made to feel special,” Misha says, and Steve makes her both special and covered in jizz.

However lucky Steve feels, he can’t hold a candle to Ennio, who not only gets to fuck Misha, he gets to get his dick wet in Blanche Bradburry too. “I’m a voyeur,” says Misha, and it’s obvious she loves watching Ennio with Blanche, a predatory-looking blonde who reminds me of Amber Lynn in her later days — sharp, lean, tanned and busty, with slightly skewed fake tits and a tongue that goes everywhere it needs to be. Lucky Ennio doesn’t get inside their assholes, but he does pretty much everything else right up top when he unloads in their waiting mouths.

Val Williams

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