Girl Obsession 4 porn video

Lesbian ‘Girl Obsession #4’: Fourth Time’s a Charm

4 Stars

I understand how the lesbians in Girl Obsession 4 feel about girls. I myself have been obsessed with girls for quite a long time, and while I haven’t been obsessed with any of the same ones that star in this movie, I might have if I had met them. Especially, well, you can choose a lesbian or two for yourself. Obsession is a personal thing, and there?s no reason I should muddle you up with mine when you’re perfectly capable of developing your own.

Anna Rose and Cristal Caitlyn`s obsession has, presumably, been easy to indulge, since they’re both from the Czech Republic. Cristal is the blonde one, and Anna is the brunette. Cristal is also the one who didn’t make the coffee right, or made the bed crooked, or whatever, and who is being punished by Anna, whose idea of punishment is surely going to result in nothing but more bad behavior. What kind of housekeeper is going to amend her ways if a lesbian fuckfest is the penalty for trivial mistakes?

In spite of well over a hundred and eighty porn titles to her credit, Samantha Bentley has managed to be best known in the wider world for playing threee separate prostitutes in HBO’s Game of Thrones┬áseries, to which this is not a link. There are two different obsessions going on her, because you, as a nerd, are obsessed with her, but Paula Shy is obsessed with getting better at lesbian sex with her unseen girlfriend. Paula has come to the very experienced Samantha for lessons, and she gets a very thorough course of instruction indeed.

Anna Rose and Cristal Caitlyn are back, and I can’t really tell if they’re supposed to be the same Anna Rose and Cristal Caitlin as they were in the first scene, or if they’re playing different parts. Either way, the dynamic is the same — Anna is mad about something, and she drags Cristal drags Cristal into another room and starts showing her displeasure by fingering the blonde, which, again, doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing that would solve the problems you’d have with a recalcitrant lesbian. I guess it works for them, though.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with Luci Lee and Vanessa Decker, but this scene allows us the unusual opportunity to watch, albeit briefly, a busty lesbian swing a sledgehammer. Well, two lesbians, to be precise. And only one of them is really busty. This scene is really a good one, though — it has the look of what I want to imagine lesbians really do — there’s not a lot of explicit gynecology, just kissing and licking and moaning. And, remember, there’s slow-motion footage of bouncy titties on hot girls swinging hammers. It’s almost softcore, but it’s pretty fucking sexy.

Val Williams

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