Trans Slayer porn video

‘Sean Michaels’ Trans Slayer’: Sean Steps Over the Line

3.75 Stars

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on with Sean Michaels: Trans Slayer. I mean, obviously, it involves Sean Michaels fucking a bunch of transsexual women, but it starts off with some kind of spy thing, or a thing that sounds like a spy thing except that it seems to be about Sean Michaels’ dog, which gets mentioned a couple of times, but never in any way except for casually in passing, and Sean has to meet with three trans women in order to get his dog back. And I don’t get this slaying thing. It seems very violent, especially since it seems to be a euphemism for fucking, but I think it’s in pretty bad taste given that trans people are much more likely to be victims of sexual violence. I mean, I think it’s kind of dumb even in a movie about straight or cis-women. But what do I know? Slay away, Sean, slay away.

Up front, this is not a movie in which the trans women get off. It’s all about them servicing Sean, so if you were hoping for some hard trans cock or the women getting to fuck a man or even come, look elsewhere. I’m not even going to bother with trying to include the brief and perfunctory nods to plot here. Lena Kelly, the first of the trans women Sean has to visit for whatever pretend reason, is a slim, sexy pink-tinted blonde with high, perky tits and a lot of tattoos. Her cock doesn’t get really hard, but she doesn’t bother with it much, choosing instead to concentrate on sucking Sean’s dick and taking it in her ass over and over. She enjoys a gentle slapping while he’s fucking her from behind and keeps up a steady stream of deliciously dirty talk until he pulls out and leaves a load on her cute face.

Natalie Mars starts off in red lingerie, posing against the LA hills. She looks tall and lean, and she has black hair with bangs, which I dig. Sean, who appears to be playing a character named John Dick for some reason, just arrives at her house and lets her get to work on his big cock. Natalie plays with her small natural tits while she kneels and sucks his dick, then lies back and spreads wide so he can fuck her ass. He pumps every inch in and out and comes all over her face.

Janelle Fennec is a pretty trans blonde in a red dress; she’s got a thick ass and nice implants, and during her tease sequence she displays a credible hardon that stay soft during the hardcore. Not that it matters, because Sean, disappointingly predictably, is not the kind of guy to put his hands on a dick anyway. He’s had his share of asses before, though, and trans ass is just as tight and hot as any other kind. Janelle likes it deep, and Sean has the necessary tools to give it to her, which he does until it’s time to pull out and unload down her throat.

Last up is Khloe Kay, the trans girl who played along with the Sean-has-lost-his-dog business in the beginning. She said she was going to send him to three allies, but anyone who has ever seen a porn movie knows how it works — four scenes, and everyone gets fucked. After some more incomprehensible bullshit about a medallion — which looks like it might actually be one of those vibrating things you get at a restaurant to tell you when your table is ready — Khloe strips down to climb aboard Sean, taking his cock out and worshipping it with her mouth before sitting down and riding it. Khloe is tanned and lean, with a nice cock that never quite gets fully hard but still looks good. As usual, Sean finishes up on her face.

Val Williams

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