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‘Wifey’: Suburban MILF Tries Out the Lesbian World!

4 Stars

I haven’t read Judy Blume’s first novel for adults, so when I first saw the title Wifey coming up in our exclusives, I was relieved that I’d finally get to experience it without having to read the book. I mean, it wouldn’t take long — it was a novel written in the seventies, so it’s only a couple of hundred pages, unlike books today. They’ve gotten longer, you know? Except for the Russians. The Russians knew how to write a long-ass book; your Tolstoys and your Dostoevskys. Anyway, it turns out that this isn’t exactly the same Wifey as Judy Blume’s book. It’s about a bored housewife exploring the world of infidelity, yeah, but that’s where the similarities end. On the other hand, this one has blonde India Summer and huge-tittied Mercedes Carrera as horny lesbian MILFs in it, so there are compensations.

Mercedes Carrera`s married sex life consists of the occasional man-on-top-get-it-over-with-quick pump-and-dump, so watching some porn of Jenna Sativa and India Summer getting it on at a sexy lesbian resort is enough to get her motor running. The blonde MILF is enjoying her time away from her husband, and the sexy brunette attendant at the resort is happy to get her face deep in India’s pussy to help her relax, and Mercedes’s fingers are busy as she gets herself off watching the two women.

After Mercedes tells Dana she’s bored and unhappy, she also confesses that she’s been watching lesbian porn. Dana sets her up on a lesbian dating app, and right away Alexis Fawx is all over that shit — lesbians are just as horny as dudes, and it’s only a matter of moments before Alexis and Mercedes are stripping down to their tanned, toned, augmented altogethers to kick off Mercedes’s first lesbian experience. All of sudden cheating looks a lot better and dick looks a lot less appealing!

Mercedes stops by her neighbors’ house to meet the cute girl who lives there, but she’s surprised to see a pair of gorgeous blondes making out in the hot tub. She watches as Ivy Wolfe and Veronica Kirei move from the yard to the couch, and things get hot and heavy. Ivy looks like Rebecca de Mornay at her hottest, and watching her with Veronica is a treat. Watching her do anything is a treat, so seeing her go at it for half an hour with another hot lesbian blonde is pretty much all you could hope for.

Once Mercedes finishes up watching Ivy and Veronica, she sneaks back out of the yard, but runs into Carolina Sweets on her way out. Carolina invites her in, listens to her complain about her unfulfilling life, and then makes the first move so Mercedes doesn’t have to. After a sweet kiss, the young blonde knows exactly what the horny MILF needs. Mercedes might not have been a lesbian for long, but she learns fast, and it’s not long before she’s eating pussy like a pro. She might not know her way around a woman’s body yet, but she’s ready to practice, practice, practice!

Val Williams


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