Cum On My Tattoo 10 porn video

‘Cum on My Tattoo 10’: More Loads for Tatted Whores

4.25 Stars

There’s this thing I’ve been hearing about called No-Nut November, where — for some reason, I can’t even begin to imagine what — we’re not supposed to come until the beginning of December. Now, leaving aside the fundamental lunacy of such a foolish endeavor — masturbating is awesome and the more you do it, the less likely you are to develop prostate cancer — Joanna Angel delivering another ode to the pleasure of having a load of warm jizz splashed across your tattoo is going to make No-Nut November a difficult proposition for anybody, let alone a pornhound with a taste for tats and tits.

Kissa Sins is all ready to show off her house to the cameras, but what she really wants is for sme guy with a dick to cover her tattoo in cum. Well, what she really wants is to get fucked, and when her scheduled fucktoy doesn’t show up, she’s so horny that she jumps Joanna’s sound guy (fortunately it’s Ramon Nomar, who is probably not as good at sound as he is at fucking); Kissa’s a screamer, to the point that it’s a little much — there are times when she will legit remind you of when Judge Doom got caught in the Dip at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but you can’t fault her enthusiasm. When it’s pop time, she takes Ramon’s load on the script on her ass that says ?Sinner?. Kissa didn?t get as much Cum on Her Tattoo as she wanted, so Ramon dragoons Joanna to squirt some more.

Gina Valentina doesn’t really care whose lap she’s sitting on, as long as she has a good time. Owen Gray is okay with that, as long as he gets to Cum on Her Tattoo, and since it seems to be their honeymoon, he’s got a pretty good shot at it. Speaking of pretty good shots, he gets one off when it’s time to blast on the sailing ship on her thigh. Before that, though, there’s a lot of fucking, cocksucking, and pussy-eating to entertain us.

Ramon is just trying to meditate at the temple, but while he has his eyes closed, Scarlet de Sade has found a substitute for his cum. Taking time out to meditate has left her feeling kind of neglected, so she’s found a cum substitute to squirt on her tits. Ramon doesn’t like being replaced, so he intercedes, begging for another chance to shoot on her tattoos. Scarlet likes the real thing, and she’s willing to endure a lot of fucking in mouth, pussy and ass to get it. She has a lot of tattoos to choose from, and when his time comes, Ramon picks the conveniently located flowers around her areolae to shoot on.

Isabelle Deltore is a lean, lanky British blonde who looks like she’s working pretty hard to get in shape, and there’s some byplay with her and Small Hands about training and games and some kind of wacky bullshit that ends with him telling her she needs to concentrate concentrate on her protein outtake: her intake is good, but she needs more on her tattoos, and he knows just how to fix the problem. She’s willing, and he’s ready, and they get to business. He doesn’t get any protein from eating her out, but he does it anyway, and them fucks her silly; she chokes on his cock and takes him in every position from doggy to RCG to cowgirl to missionary, and them gets rewarded with a one-handed pushup 69 before he blows his load on her arm sleeve tattoo.

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