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Leigh Raven in ‘Prove Something’: Beautiful Freak

4.5 Stars

“Freak” is a word we don’t use so much in polite society any more; if you’re lucky enough to be “normal”, and if you have a shred of decency to your soul, you don’t shame other people for their differences, especially if those differences are outside their control. There’s a different category of people, though, those who make choices that color them as freaks, and who revel in the things that make them visible. Leigh Raven, I think, is one of those people, and if you are — like me — someone who seeks out, celebrates, and enjoys people like her, then ?Prove Something is the movie for you.

Remember Breakfast Club? If you watched that movie and felt kind of disappointed at the end when Molly Ringwald daubed Ally Sheedy in makeup and made her a normal girl, then Prove Something is for you. If you watched NCIS just because of the Riley Nixon and Owen Gray, then in a sexy yoga-based girl/girl by by Kissa Sins (fans of Buttman will recognize his hand here), in a rough and combative but still pretty standard boy/girl scene by Markus Dupree, and finally in the climactic hardcore double-penetration everything-goes BBG threesome with Ramon and Toni Ribas. Each scene runs to at least 45 minutes, and each one is, as per usual with an Evil Angel production, a crazed explosion of rough sex, drooling, spitting, choking, gaping, and everything else you can come up with in the way of extreme sex, but still just this side of gross.

Prove Something goes beyond just showing you a few scenes of alt-girl porn, though. It’s a psychodrama about fear, insecurity, pain, and conflict, but also about acceptance and joy. Leigh Raven is a freak, but she’s a beautiful freak. I wonder how much of Prove Something is real Leigh Raven — if, as it seems from what happens on screen, Leigh is one of those women who are so assertive about their flamboyant freakishness, so proud and upright and fiery about their deviations from the norm, because the pain and fear of rejection — even by “normal” people — is so deep. Before the sex even starts, when she dreams of revealing her true nature to Ramon Nomar, it’s searing and raw; it seems like this scene might have happened to her in real life, and maybe more than once. It’s enough to make you cry along with her.

Val Williams

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