Age of Consent porn video

‘Age of Consent 2’: Barebones and Bareback, But Not Barely Legal

3 Stars


As a porn consumer, you rely on certain companies for certain things. If you want a decent plot or elaborate worldbuilding, you go to Wicked; if you want comedy, you turn to Grooby and, of course, Marc Dorcel all the way. If you just want plain fucking, Team Skeet is your go-to team. Age of Consent 2 is just about as barebones as porn gets, and there’s no pretending otherwise. The dudes who populate Madelyn Monroe just wants to get the laundry done, but the lyrical eloquence of “Damn, look at this booty!? is too strong. The frisky blonde with a perfect ass slaps her face with her mook’s dick and bends over for some doggy, and then it’s “Oh my god that’s so fucking good” for the next twenty minutes, until Dick pops on her belly.

Harley Jade, a blonde with perfect C-cup tits and a bouncy ass, says she’s 20, which is maybe the Age of Consent in Idaho, where she says she’s from? I haven’t spent that much time in Idaho, and when I was there, it was with a woman who was 40. I guess in Idaho “Damn, titties!” is considered sophisticated seduction talk because it gets her out of her clothes and agreeing that she’s probably going to fuck him. She does.

Goldie Rush doesn’t want to be videotaped, but “Oh my gahd, baby, you’re so hot!” along with a string of “damn” works its magic; she’s half-naked anyway, and the time-honored “Come on, baby, nobody’s gonna see this” puts the seals the deal. Goldie’s a tiny blonde with A-cup tits, a nice firm ass, and a convincing pout, but she, like every other girl who has signed a release, is a sucker for “Fuck, Jesus Christ, fuck, baby, wow.”

Dallas Black says she’s never done any porn, not even homemade stuff with boyfriends, but she’s ready to be the next Team Skeet girl. She’s ready enough to strip down and show off her slender body — she looks to be about four feet tall — and then to drop to her knees and start sucking. She says she likes it a little rough, but the fucking is pretty standard. Our first brunette of the day,

If you’re the kind of guy whose first thought on finding out that Zoe Parker worked in a CVS pharmacy is “So you’re a drug dealer? Cool. Did you ever steal anything?? then Zoe Parker is your kind of girl, because where that kind of shit would put a reasonable woman off, Zoe agrees that since she’s here to fuck, they might as well get on with the fucking. She’s another blonde with a PAWG ass and nice little tits, and she doesn’t mind that the guys from Team Skeet haven’t changed the sheets since Madelyn Monroe was there.

Val Williams

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