Trans Babysitters porn video

‘Trans Babysitters’: Added Value

4.5 Stars

Trans Babysitters, not to be confused with any of the excellent Transsexual Babysitters franchise, nor with either the low-rent “Teenage Tranny Babysitter Ass Worship and Anal Fucking with TS Korra Del Rio”¬†or its equally scruffy sister title “Transsexual Babysitter Facesitting, Foot-Licking And Ass-Fucking With TS Chelsea Marie”, and definitely not with the titles in the thematically similar “My Babysitter Has Balls”¬†series, is the new transsexual title (about babysitters!) from Zero Tolerance`s trans-friendly arm.

Khloe Kay was just talking about how she’d totally do Mr. Larkin, and then he shows up, home early from the country club, having left his disgracefully drunk wife behind. He’s ripe for the picking, and trans babysitter Khloe moves in right away; his dick is much bigger than her boyfriend’s is, and he knows how to use it. He knows how to treat hers as well, once he finds out she has one. As long as it’s not bigger than his, he’s happy to play with it, and to fuck her tight ass. He’s as happy to have a trans babysitter as he could possibly be!

Chloe Wilcox is onboard to take care of two kids, but it’s kind of a surprise when she finds out that one of them is nineteen years old! Michael Del Rey is a horny, entitled little wastrel who can’t be trusted around the house, and he has a history of fucking the babysitter, so dad hired a trans babysitter to watch the kids this time. Unfortunately for dad, Chloe is an enthusiastic slut, and when Michael hauls his dick out, she’s on her knees in seconds, sucking on his hardon. What nineteen-year-old could resist a hot blonde slut with perfect tits and an eager mouth? Trans or not, Chloe is the perfect babysitter to keep Michael occupied!

Mr. Paris’s wife went off to Burning Man and never came back, so he’s been on his own with the kids lately. A babysitter is just the ticket, and Shiri Allwood got the best reviews online. She loves what she does, she’s good with kids, and she’s willing to stay the whole weekend. She’s also willing to have sex with Pierce Paris, which is really just as important as any of the rest of it. She’s a cute little redhead with braces, perky tits, and a talent for cocksucking, and he’s a lonely dad with a big dick and a deep appreciation for a trans babysitter. What could be better?

Jessy Bells is worried that the wife taking off to focus on her career is going to leave Mr. Miles with no-one to take care of him, so she devotes some of her time to making sure his cock is well-tended. It’s huge, and she’s tiny, but the sexy little trans babysitter is dedicated to her job, and not only does she get most of it in her mouth, she takes the whole thing in her very tight ass as well. With Jessy taking care of the kids and the dad, it looks like she’s in for some full-time work!

Val Williams

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