Sex Games porn video

‘Sex Games’: Fun AND Educational!

3.75 Stars

I remember back in the eighties when porn was just becoming available on VHS — oh, those golden days — that one of the first porn movies I ever saw had a title that was something to do with games. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it had as much plot as any porn from that era, which is to say not much, and it starred most of the same people as most of the movies from that era; I don’t remember if there was any anal, but it was, to me at least, fairly educational. I think Sex Games is probably a better movie. Let’s go look together, shall we?

I’m not sure exactly what game Clea Gaultier is playing, but whatever it is, she’s outnumbered two to one. She still seems to be making out pretty well; the playing field appears to be the bathroom at a club, and I’m not sure of the rules, but the goals are pretty clear. Knowing Mia Malkova stops in to use the bathroom, but declines to join in. She misses out on some action, but there’s more in store for her soon. Clea takes a big cock up the ass and gets a couple of facials.

When Mia gets home with Ricky Mancini, it sure looks like something has her riled up, because she’s almost immediately down on her knees sucking his cock, but when he threatens to come, she says he has to fuck her first. He’s down, and puts her up against a window to take her from behind, after which she rides him for a while and then jacks him off.

OK, my mistake; it turns out Clea is just a happy slut, and Mia’s a little jealous, wondering if her man might want a girl like that (spoiler for Mia: he does). Clea sends Mia to a sexologist who promises her lots of new fun things and then sets up Anna Polina with a girl named Izabella for a Russian lesbian twosome. It’s feverish, sweaty, passionate, and has nothing to do with the plot — just an excuse for a lesbian encounter.

Mia and Ricky’s trip to the sexologist’s party spot involves her dressing up like a fancy whore and lining up to be chosen by a client. Ricky almost takes her, but before he can — surprise! — Alberto Blanco, who was there first, swoops in and takes her off to a bedroom where she gets to play the role of the bought-and-paid-for analĀ  slut, stroking, sucking and finally allowing the man to fuck her in both pussy and ass. Meanwhile, Ricky canoodles with Stella and Bubeya, but gets nowhere before Mia returns.

Mia has the gall to act jealous over the girls sitting on Ricky’s lap, which is rich given that she just got her ass fucked by a stranger and then lied about it, but Act II takes the couple to Venice, where they have champagne in a boat, make up, and get invited to a masquerade ball which turns out to be basically a big key party; two couples drawn by lottery have a foursome in the Red Room, and Hennessey, Clea Gaultier, Rico Simmons and Alberto Blanco are just the right people for it (if not entirely random, let’s admit).

Meanwhile, Anny Aurora and Lucy Heart get detailed to take care of Ricky Mancini while Mia watches via hidden cam; she’s supposed to let him do as he pleases, but her jealous nature gets the better of her and she has to join them. Ricky was doing his heroic best to resist the temptations of Anny and Lucy, but when Mia comes in and tells him it’s okay and she’s ready to join in, it turns into a three-blonde anal free-for-all with all hands on dick. Mia still gets the load in the end, though. It seems unlikely that at a big French orgy, just a few hot people are having all the fun in a private room, but that’s because you haven’t seen what’s going on out front, where Paulina Soul and Melody Clark are getting busy with Alberto Blanco — he really gets around — Kristof Cale and Stephan Clark. Now that’s what an orgy should look like!

Val Williams

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