Kristen Scott and Seth Gamble appear in a porn scene.

‘Blackmailed Secretaries’: Bent Over the Desk and Loving It

4 Stars

Have we learned nothing from the #metoo movement? Well, clearly not. Porn isn’t really about learning, though, is it? It is, in some senses, about refusing to learn. Sure, new wrinkles get added all the time, and you get MILFs and squirting and cuckolding, but the truth is that porn takes the most venal of what we have to offer and slaps a new coat of titillation-colored paint on it. Kevin Moore’s Blackmailed Secretaries isn?t as taboo as a lot of other things we get off to, and I’d say history may not be kind to it, but porn sill probably be pretty much the same for the foreseeable future. Your grandkids could be getting off to blackmailed secretary porn!

Charles Dera manages somehow to have a moustache that makes Harry Reems look like David Spade, but to still be handsome. It’s hard to tell but it almost seems like he’s not taking his own moustache seriously — since he grew it, he’s only been playing creepy coercive bastards, and he talks like Batman. Everything you need to know about this scene (and this movie, really) is summed up when he says to his secretary, August Taylor — to her tits, actually, since that’s the part of her he’s interested in — “You’re more beautiful when you don?t speak.? They?re huge, fake and imposing, and he’s willing to risk both an HR complaint and a criminal charge to fuck them. Fortunately, August is less ethical than he is, and she’s perfectly willing to fuck her way to the top.

August’s ambition was the handle for Charles’s blackmail, so they both got something out of the deal, but Kristen Scott has just been fucking up. Her boss, Seth Gamble, is a little bit of a creeper, but she’s on the bubble as a secretary anyway. So when he calls her on the carpet for mistakes and tardiness, she begs for her job, and of course the price is some time on her knees. And on her back, and bent over the desk, and, well, you get the point. Seth makes it as creepy as he can for his errant secretary, but she soldiers through to the cumshot, all over her face, so maybe her claims of being willing to do anything are legit.

Cali Carter`s mouth says she’s surprised that Bill Bailey grabs her ass and looks down her shirt at her big bulging tits, but the way she dresses and the flirtation in her voice when she feels his hand on her when she’s bending over the copier say “Please keep grabbing my ass and looking at my tits.” When she asks for a raise and hears that she'[s going to have to get him off to make the grade, she’s reluctant, and lets him know that fucking her tits is something she doesn’t even let her boyfriend do. That is clearly a lie, since nobody gets fake tits like that and doesn’t let men fuck them, but he doesn’t care and barrels on anyway, through cocksucking, ball-licking, asshole licking (him licking hers), fucking, and a facial. It’s not secretary blackmail, exactly, more extortion, but it gets him what he wants.

Ashley Adams says men are simple, and she maybe right about the ones she works with, but simple to understand and easy to deal with are two different horses. When she chooses to fuck the big boss, she forgets to placate Bill, who manages to do a little filming while she’s boning the owner. All Bill wants is his share, though, and he lets her know that he can either alert HR or she can put out for him too. She hopes maybe she can get away with showing off her sexy natural 34DD tits (which she, unlike August and Cali, has mostly kept covered up to now), but Bill is going to want a lot more than that to keep from posting the digital proof of her shame on social media. To be fair, she

s already proved she?s willing to fuck her coworkers to get ahead, so it?s just a matter of adding him to the mix. He might be a little pervy — he starts off fucking her ass cheeks, but does graduate to her actual secretary asshole before long. He does promise to let her delete the video, so her sacrifice is not in vain.

Val Williams

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