My Best Friend's Wife 2 porn video

‘My Best Friend’s Wife 2’: Ain’t That a Hotwife Buddy?

3.5 Stars

You wish your best friend had a hotwife like these. Or, I don’t know, maybe your best friends’ wives are like these. I suppose if you live in the Los Angeles area, statistically speaking, some of your best friends must have wives like these. The odds are probably lower elsewhere, although I do have an ex who complains that the wives in Boise, Idaho are all tiny, athletic blondes with perky tits and white teeth. The reason she complains is that she herself is a tall brunette with a body you’d see on the front of a WWII bomber and she feels, as many tall girls do, horselike and huge. You should move to Boise and help her out. As is the case with Mona Wales, you’d spend all your time fucking her yourself, but I’ve met her and, trust me, she’d whittle you down to a splinter before you had time to change the sheets on the wedding bed. When she tells Eric Masterson that she wants to fuck his best friend, he has to be breathing a sigh of relief. Mona demands a cock to suck, and a big dick in her pussy, and she gets what she wants. You’d give it to her too.

Eliza Ibarra loves watching hotwife porn, so her husband finally decides to take that one last step and setting her up with his best friend for a solid fucking. Once he’s giftwrapped her in some sexy new lingerie, he brings in the apparently rehabilitated James Deen to give her what she needs in the strange department. He starts out nice and polite, but as usual, once he has his cock out, he’s an animal. Eliza isn’t nearly as articulate as Mona, whose dirty talk fu is very strong, but she does make a lot of noise.

Mercedes Carrera likes how good her husband is at finding the perfect man to satisfy their hotwife fantasy urges. Today it’s Damon Dice, and Mercedes guesses every name in their little black book without getting the right one, but once the clothes comes off and the cock comes out — and then goes in,and out, and in — she’s glad it’s Damon. he’s young, hot and single, and he does love fucking a blonde with big fake tits, which is right in Mercedes’ wheelhouse.

I have just recently becoem aware of Tara Ashley, who is one of those women who got into porn at an advanced age (for porn, anyway, not that 33 is advanced at all) and was surely, like Shay Fox and Cherie DeVille, a hotwife in her spare time before she decided to monetize it. Tara is famous for her enthusiasm for anal, although she doesn’t get any here; Steve Holmes does get a thumb up her ass, but that’s as far as he gets down that road. She looks just as good fucked sweaty and covered in cum as she did all made up and perfect.

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