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Facial Delight 3 Movie Details

Title: Facial Delight 3
Studio: Explicit Empire
Stars: Angelica Heart, Sofi Goldfinger, Carly Rae, Lucy Heart, April Blue
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I can’t believe I never heard of Facial Delight before. I mean, it’s only three volumes in, but still, I love facials. Maybe not as much as the five mostly Eastern European sluts (Carly Rae alone hails from west of the Iron Curtain) who take multiple loads on their pretty faces in this movie, but still. Facial Delight 3 stars a bunch of really pretty women, and nothing improves a porn star’s face like a few loads of jizz.

Angelica Heart wasn’t expecting Christmas this early, but since it’s shown up on her doorstep in the form of three studs sporting massive erections, the raven-haired Hungarian gets right down on her knees and starts sucking. How else is a girl supposed to get the facial she craves?

Sexy blonde Russian Lucy Heart has a lot to say about her exercise regimen, but the two cocks who are in the gym with her are really more interested in making it harder for her to talk. Lucy likes getting sweaty, but she really wants to be wiping something else off her face after a steamy workout.

April Blue is a sleek, predatory-looking Hungarian brunette who accompanies her boyfriend on a visit to a buddy’s house, only to end up sucking off the buddy when her man is off getting drinks. When he comes back, he’s not mad, he just wants to get in on the action, and April thinks if one facial is good, then two are better, so she’s on board for as much cum as she can wear.

Pert British blonde Carly Rae seems like she’s reluctant to suck cock at first, but no girl wearing a sexy maid outfit like that and bending over the way she is could possibly expect anything else (except maybe anal). It’s a good thing she has her cleaning gear ready, because the cum facials she gets are pretty messy.

Nurse Sofi Goldfinger has some tasks to perform with her patient, but he’s got a little stiffness he needs her to take care of. When she discovers the cause of his distress, she decides to take matters into her own hands, but it turns out some of the doctors have the same condition. Sofi takes three facials and loves every drop of cum she gets.

Val Williams

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