Education of My Stepson: More Teacher Misconduct than You Can Shake a Dick At

Education of My Stepson Movie Details

Title: Education of My Stepson
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Sofie Marie, Marie McCray, Blake Morgan, Christie Stevens
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

There’s not really much education going on in Marie McCray (a sexy platinum blonde today) hasn’t gone for a run in a while, so she didn’t properly stretch beforehand, but when her sweatpants split open as her stepson helps her cool down from the exercise, she finds herself getting stretched out in ways she hadn’t imagined. Oblivious dad doesn’t even notice what’s going on when he walks in on them, but he won’t be able to miss her walking around with a load of jizz on her face.

When Christie Stevens meets her new stepson, she realizes immediately that she married into the right family. Rich dad, nice house, tons of money: what could be better? Well, how about handsome stepson with big cock who hates his dad and doesn’t mind cuckolding him? Christie’s dress comes off and her legs open up wide when her stepson catches her telling her girlfriend about what a gold-digger she plans to be. The busty blonde is bent over and getting fucked before she’s been in the house an hour.

Blonde stunner Blake Morgan spent all day cooking dinner, but when hubby can’t make it home from work in time to eat, she finds a better solution. When she finds herself sitting across from her hung stepson, she decides to show off the lingerie she planned on surprising his dad with on their anniversary. She hauls out his big cock and eats that instead of the dinner she cooked. Dad’s really missing out.

Sofie Marie is supposed to be making sure that Dylan is getting up for school, but when she finds out that even though he has a fever, his dick is hard as steel, she gives him a better reason to stay home. Even though her husband is out in the kitchen working on the new plans for the backyard, she finds time to nurse her stepson back to health, or at least make him forget about how ‘sick’ he is. He’s faking, of course, but it looks like she isn’t?

Val Williams

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