Gang Fucked MILFs: The Gang’s All Here


Gang Fucked MILFs Movie Details

Title: Gang Fucked MILFs
Studio: Raw Delight
Stars: Jenny Simons
Overall Rating:

3 stars

Porn is one of those venues where you can usually tell what’s going on just from the movie title. Sure, some mainstream movies give away exactly what they’re about right up front, ‘Terrible Bosses‘, ‘Cowboys and Aliens‘, ‘Snakes on a Plane‘, but that’s nothing compared to the transparency in adult movies, where as a producer, you want to cater to very specific fetishes and make sure that the people who are going to jack off to your movie are getting exactly what they came for (or are going to come for, at least. So I shouldn’t really have to tell you much about Gang Fucked MILFS. It’s right there in the title.

Our first Gang Fucked MILF is Jenny Simons, a 30-year-old veteran of a little more than 50 movies. She’s a slim 33B-25-35 blonde who hails from Severocesky Kraj in the Czech Republic. Previous titles include 3Way Fantasies #5 and Filthy Orgies #4, so we know she’s no stranger to group action. Jenny is not a natural blonde, nor is her name really Jenny Simons, but she is a genuine porn star. She knows her business, including how to prepare for being gang-fucked, she warms up by sitting on a big red graduated toy, taking more and more of it until she’s gotten the part inside her that best approximates a porn dick, at which point several porn dicks come in (black this time, not red) and present themselves for inspection. Jenny spends some time sucking on all four of them before they start to get insistent about spending time in her pussy. After they’re all warmed up, it’s time for the main event, the double penetration. Jenny is indeed gang fucked, used in every hole serially and in battery, taking both a DP and a double pussy penetration. At one point, even though she has two free apertures, the guys line up behind her to fuck her doggy-style. There’s not a lot of dialogue, partly since Jenny spends a lot of time with her mouth full, but that’s probably for the best. In the end, unsurprisingly, she takes four facials.

Our second MILF is Ameli, another blonde, except this time with frizzy, curly hair where Jenny’s was straight. I have almost no information on Ameli, but I think she might be Ameli Monk, a small-timer from a couple of years back who appeared in two other gangbang movies, one Italian, one American. If you like your girls vulnerable and uncertain, Ameli is your jam; her expression says she’s nervous and looking for approval. I don’t know where she came from, how old she is, or what her measurements are, although it is apparent from some unfortunate angles that her cup size is bigger than it used to be. She’s got a shaved pussy that all four of her guys are eager to get into (her gang consists of two very black guys, one white guy, and one in-between guy, making it not just an interracial scene but also a multiracial one; they’re happy to take her from every direction in many different ways. She takes a DP while sucking cock, gets her throat fucked pretty hard, and ends up taking a couple of facials and a creampie. There’s lots of gaping ass in this one if that’s your bag.

Val Williams

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