Chris Streams Oil Slick: Slick Production

Oil Slick Movie Details

Title: Oil Slick
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Chris Streams
Stars: Toni Ribas, London River, Ramon Nomar, Katrina Jade, Markus Dupree, Gia Derza, Kissa Sins, Maddy O’Reilly, Manuel Ferrara, Prince Yahshua
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I’m gonna be upfront here, keepin it a hunnet, as they say: I don’t get Chris Streams` thing with oil. I mean, everybody knows that you should always keep some lube around, because even the most naturally slippery people need to refresh their god-given qualities once in a while. And yeah, it makes everything shinier, but I can’t help but imagine the cleanup being horrible, and sure, it’s hot to watch a woman pour liquid on herself, but it’s no sexier than water, or like maple syrup, maybe? A wet T-shirt contest is hot, and so much less messy. On the other hand, there are people who just like things because they’re messy, so it’s not necessary for me to get it to enjoy Oil Slick.

Maddy O’Reilly and Kissa Sins are perfectly capable of putting on their own oil, but they help each other out anyway, making out as they drizzle each other with oil, which brings Manuel Ferrara running like a tiger to a staked-out goat. I guess the taste of oil isn’t too bad, because even after he’s rubbed his cock all over them, they’re eager to get it in their mouths, slobbering all over him until he basically doesn’t need any oil to slide right in. This is a noisy pair, with Manuel adding that high-pitched moaning thing he does, fucking both girls in almost every possible hole (he skips one asshole, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out which) until he finally blasts out a load on their faces.

I haven’t met Gia Derza yet; she’s a small-breasted (relatively speaking, anyway) brunette with a big, round ass and a delightful bounce to her. Markus Dupree has clearly been whackin’ it off-camera while he watches her oiling up, because he has his dick inside her like thirty seconds after he gets onscreen. No subtlety at all, although given that this is Chris Streams and Evil Angel, I may be barking up the wrong tree wishing for subtlety. Speaking of a lack of subtlety, he pours oil in her mouth and makes her drool it all over her chest and tits, then squirts another gout of it up her gaping ass and waits for her to fart it out, which is where he loses me. Fucking Russians. If he doesn’t lose you here, well, congratulations, and enjoy the rest of the scene, in which he reams out her ass in every position and splashes jizz on her oily face.

London River, a busty blonde with a set of enhanced but still tasteful 34DD tits, is trapped in a cage and looking for a way out. The restraint in this scene is incredible, it’s well over two and a half minutes before she starts getting oiled up; I thought she was going to get all oily and slip out of the cage, but it turns out that Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar are bad jailors, and they just open up the door to cover her, first with oil and then with their penises. You can tell from the pattering sounds that someone laid down a tarp to keep the mess contained, and soon she’s glistening with drool and oil. London likes being choked with hands and cocks, getting fucked hard, and having both of her holes filled at once. The DP she takes is savage and goes on for a long time, and she lasts through both double penetration and double anal to take a double facial.

You probably know Katrina Jade by now, she’s been in enough Evil Angel stuff that you should, but you might not have seen her all oily before. You’ve also seen her with Prince Yahshua, with whom she has performed in a dozen or so movies. Honestly, it’s kind of surprising that she’s never needed oil to cram that huge dick inside her, but then some of the things she does with the oil in this scene are just purely gratuitous and don’t aid in getting his cock in any of her well-travelled holes. He travels all of them, by the way, unlike some of the other ass-obsessed dudes in this movie, and Katrina appreciates every inch in every hole. Katrina takes him in ass, pussy and mouth, in doggy, RCG, cowgirl, spoon and missionary, and she never stops telling him how much she likes being a fucking whore with room for dick in every orifice. She’s got a filthy mouth and never stops talking dirty except when his cock is in it, and even then she’s still pretty noisy.

Val Williams

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