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‘Alexis’: Anal Like the Fawx

By: Val Williams

Hard X usually has a type – Mason’s company tends to feature young, slight girls, newcomers with sleek, natural bodies getting their first something or other – anal, double penetrations, black cocks, whatever; well, with . . .

Alexis Movie Details

Title: Alexis
Studio: hardx
Director: mason-storm
Stars: cherie-deville, alexis-fawx
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Mason`s company tends to feature young, slight girls, newcomers with sleek, natural bodies getting their first something or other — anal, double penetrations, black cocks, whatever; well, with Alexis┬áHard X hits some of its marks. Alexis Fawx isn’t young (by porn standards, anyway — at 43 she is inarguably in the prime of her life, but in porn she’s practically a great-grandMILF); she’s not new, having been in the business for eight years now, and she is in no way natural, sporting as she does a set of the biggest, fakest tits around. She is, however, distinctly sleek, with every bit of her looking MILFily toned and trim; she has all the eagerness of any other Hard X girl (whether Mason is good at picking enthusiastic girls or they get really enthusiastic about working with her is an open question), and in Alexis she’s not bothering with any of the MILF bullshit that she gets saddled with elsewhere. She?s just a girl doing some fun fucking, and taking some firsts of her own along the way (hint: think of things a person can do with her ass, or at least of things someone else can do with a willing person’s ass).

If you like jiggling body parts, the first five minutes of Alexis will thrill you — it’s just closeup shots of Alexis Fawx gently bouncing — nothing but ass and titties. Ass, titties, ass, titties. For those of you who have had enough of gentle bouncing after five minutes, you’re in luck — Mick Blue has also had enough, and he comes in and puts a stop to it by burying his face in her ass (which we are reliably informed will be seeing some heavy-duty anal action later. Mick doesn’t waste much time elsewhere, getting her ready with tongue and fingers and letting her lube him up with her mouth before sliding into her ass. I think we can safely assume that this is her first anal on film — the pounding she takes from Mick and his relentless cock isn’t the kind of thing that a total newbie would tolerate. That ass has seen some traffic. He pounds her ass, switches to her mouth, has her ride him, goes for the ATM again, and bangs out a load in her ass (we don’t get to see the creampie, but we are, I think, meant to assume).

Alexis preens by the pool with fellow MILF queen Cherie DeVille, but the pool can’t contain them, and they move indoors to get friskier; Cherie also goes straight for Alexis’s ass, and it’s a shrieking, moaning, heaving mass of taut flesh with every hole fair game. They penetrate each other with a big pink double dildo, fucking each other convulsively, and Cherie doubles down and gives Alexis a toy DP. The evolutions are hard to describe, but they get a lot of work done.

After her ass has been worked hard by Cherie, Alexis moves on to a bigger anal challenge — Prince Yahshua, whose enormous black cock is daunting even after the two toys (there are bigger challenges coming later, but let’s live in the moment). You’ve seen Yahshua before and you know what he can do; he does it to Alexis in missionary, spoon, RCG, cowgirl and a few in-betweens. Even if, as I suspect, she’s a practiced ass-fucker in real life, this is still an anal trial-by-fire — she passes with flying colors, though, and she’s ready, after a fat facial that leaves Yahshua gasping, for the last hurdle.

The last hurdle, in this instance, consists of Ramon Nomar and a return engagement for Mick Blue, both of them sporting monster wood and eager to be the first men to be inside Alexis at the same time. It is a telling but not surprising signal of what kind of friends Alexis has that she says before her DP that she has been asking all of her friends what it’s like. I imagine if I asked most of my friends what a DP was like, I wouldn’t get nearly so much useful information. They all said she’s love it, by the way, and they all seem to have been correct — she really does get right into it, with Mick fucking her ass while she blows Ramon. They get to the double penetration, and it’s no lightweight DP — Alexis spends the entirety of the next half hour getting penetrated from multiple directions before she either takes a double anal/vaginal cream pie or just wears both guys out to the point where they can’t even come (we don’t see any popshots, so I can’t really tell which).

Val Williams


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