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‘Lisa Ann’s “Sometimes I Share’: Threesomes for All My Girls!

By: Val Williams

Sometimes I Share Movie Details

Title: Sometimes I Share
Studio: evil-angel
Director: lisa-ann
Stars: Markus Dupree, Gina Valentina, Ryan Driller, Rraven Hart, Honey Gold, Brett Rossi, Llisa Ann, ricky Johnson, Pprince Yahshua
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

I had the pleasure of talking with — and looking at — Lisa Ann this week, in a video call that lasted nearly an hour (you’ll get to see a fraction of it — luckily for you, the fraction featuring as little of me as possible, given my unfortunate face and grating, offputting voice). She told me all about her new movie ?Sometimes I Share, a beautiful production from Lisa Ann and threesomes starring Lisa Ann herself as the prime F in the MFF sandwiches. With a handpicked cast — listen to the interview for info on how she picks her costars — and shot on Lisa Ann starts off this two-hour knockout with busty blonde Brett Rossi and Ryan Driller. The two girls make out a little, but Ryan lurking in the background, waiting for his time, is clearly the harbinger of the main threesome event. It doesn’t take him long to pluck up his grit and approach, and moments later the two girls are on their knees sucking his cock through a totally unnecessary fence. It’s a nice tease, and Ryan strains at the gate until they let him come round to the other side and start doing some real work. Lisa Ann is nice and stretchy, getting into some showy but exceedingly revealing positions. Ryan fucks her standing up while Brett applies her tongue to the fuck-juncture, then they switch positions and Brett takes cock from behind while Lisa looks on approvingly. Lisa Rides Ryan while Brett lubes them up, and then Brett climbs aboard and Lisa sits on Ryan’s face. A few more combinations ensue, and the girls kneel for a facial and share the load.

Lisa Ann and Gina Valentina aren’t even close to being twins — Gina might be an A cup and they still average out around a double D — but they’re both 5’2″ tall with black hair; Lisa’s a little more tan, Gina’s a little narrower, but the two of them together are close enough in looks that you could be forgiven for losing track, in the middle of a sweaty fuckfest, of which is which. Markus Dupree doesn’t, of course — he is a professional slinger of dick, after all — but sometimes, if you take your eyes away from the screen for a moment, it’s possible to get a little lost in the heaving flesh. Not a bad thing, by any means. Both Lisa and Gina take a lot of pounding in most of the positions two guys and a girl can get up to, and a delighted Markus, making a noise that sounds like his country just lost the World Cup on penalty kicks (they actually lost on penalty kicks in the quarters), covers their faces.

Ricky Johnson is overjoyed to find Lisa Ann canoodling with Raven Hart, another augmentedly busty raven-haired beauty, out in the middle of the luckiest field in all of Christendom, next to a pickanick basket that has been abandoned in favor of more appealing fare. Specifically, Lisa and Raven have decided to eat each other instead. Each of them constitutes a feast fit for a king, so Ricky stops by to help out and make it a threesome. He fucks Lisa from behind as she feasts on Raven’s pussy, then spreads her out to fuck her in missionary while Raven sucks his cock on the upstroke, then pounds Raven from behind and blows his load in Lisa’s mouth so she can share it with Raven.

I love Honey Gold — she’s the more approachable Skin Diamond (Skin Diamond was too good for everybody else, and I don’t mean she was snooty — she was just too elegant to be soiled by the likes of humanity) — and so does Lisa Ann, who knows that if Honey gives her trouble, Prince Yahshua will be there to help. Honey, of course, is not going to make trouble. She’s a sweetheart, and she’s there to make love, not war. Yahshuah concurs, and he doesn’t give them a lot of time alone together before, guided by his enormous johnson, (no relation to Ricky), he sails into their encounter and provides them with a focus. It’s a poolside romp — that’s really a hell of a ranch — that will make you want to go swimming in all that ripe flesh. Yahshuah does his thing with his thing and ends up lying back while Lisa and Honey stroke him off and savor his jizz.

Val Williams


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