Metal Massage: Hardcore Rubdown


Metal Massage Movie Details

Title: Metal Massage
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Karlee Grey, Romi Rain, Angela White, Owen Gray, Small Hands, Lucas Frost
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

You don’t often see a porn title focused on the gentlemen in the movie, but then a lot of them don’t have Small Hands, Joanna Angel`s amour and inspiration, in them I mean, a LOT of them do, porn is a small world when it comes to male talent, and you get to recognizing the faces and other parts that show up over and over. Sometimes, you even get to know tattoos well enough that you know who’s in a movie even when you can’t see the faces. There are plenty of tattoos to look at in Metal Massage, which is a grand return to the usual goofy shit you get from Owen Gray and Small Hands are a pair of idiots who have started a massage service called Metal Massage. They have no advertising, no clients, and no experience at massage, metal or otherwise. Landlady Joanna Angel lets them know that unless they get the rent together, they’re out on their inked asses. She sends in a verified Yelp reviewer to have a look at the place, knowing that the boys? efforts aren’t going to get them anywhere. Karlee Grey comes in and looks the place over, but the real attraction is the masseurs. Owen deals out a massage that starts with some light drumming on he back and turns into just a solid fucking. Karlee is sexy, raven-haired, and curvy, with nice natural tits and a gorgeous ass, which remains inviolate. Owen fucks her in doggy, spoon, cowgirl, missionary, and RCG, sometimes with a hand on her throat, sometimes hard, sometimes slow, and finishes up with a pop on her face.

Unfortunately, Joanna reports, the Yelp review is bad ? the fuck was great but the massage actually left Karlee feeling more tense, so Owen departs to work on other projects. Distraught, Small Hands takes to lying on the couch and crying; there’s a hole in the scheduling. When Lucas Frost comes in looking for some therapy, Small Hands refuses to handle a dude, but Joanna, who happens to be in the office at the time, takes the case. Lucas is surprised to see her kitted out in lingerie and looking much more like a horny Goth queen than the kind of therapist he’s used to. Not surprisingly, that is exactly what she is; she massages like a cat being forced to play the piano, so her other talents come into play pretty quickly, and before he has time to settle into a relaxed state, she’s got his cock halfway down her throat. Unlike Karlee, Joanna is full service, so Lucas gets deep in her ass as well as making use of her mouth and pussy. Joanna takes a facial too.

You can’t count on the landlady to deal out massages all day, though, and now that Owen’s gone, Small Hands is the only one left on staff. When Angela White comes in looking for a deep tissue massage, I can’t spell it the way Small Hands says it, but you’ll see ? he rises to the occasion. As she strips down for her massage, he goggles in amazement. Her body, of course, is insane, lush and ripe in every direction, with huge natural tits and curves for days. The massage becomes what all porn massages become, and soon Small Hands is choking Angela while he fucks her, banging his cock between those magnificent tits, and blasting a load on them as she holds them up for inspection.

He’s made half the rent, but it’s not enough for Joanna,. who is a real backbreaker. Small Hands resorts to waving a sign by the roadside, and things look bleak until an apparition arrives, Romi Rain (it looks like what the franchise needed was some enormous fake tits. Romi hates cucumber water, shitty robes, and flowers, so Metal Massage is just the place for her. I’ll let you discover for yourself what the Air Guitar Special is, but after she gets it, she has Small Hands fuck the daylights out of her. I guess her inner groupie comes out, and the rest of the scene is music puns and strained innuendo. Well, and cocksucking, hardcore fucking, and another facial.

Val Williams

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