All Access POV 2: Groupie Heaven


All Access POV 2 Movie Details

Title: All Access POV 2
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Aaliyah Hadid, Joanna Angel, Karma Rx, Holly Hendrix, Carmen Caliente, Rina Ellis
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

It’s my lucky day! Small Hands is getting ready to go out for a gig, but he gets trapped backstage by two groupies who won’t take no for an answer. He’s lucky that it’s Joanna Angel and Karma Rx, a pair of tattooed sluts who don’t care that he has a job to do. Black-haired Joanna takes his cock out and they share it on their knees, with blonde Karma jumping in to help out. Both girls get fucked, with Small Hands alternating between pussies and mouths, and finally dealing out a jet of cum that lands all over Karma’s belly.

Aaliyah Hadid, who we last saw taking four big cocks in White Out 7, has been following the singer around all over the world, and all she wants is a picture or an autograph, or maybe a cum autograph all over her tits. just something simple, you know? Her idol (who I suspect is either Jessy Jones or Logan Pierce) can’t resist an offer like that, and Aaliyah is slobbering on his hard dick in moments and riding it shortly thereafter. As is right and proper in POV, Aaliyah does all the work, bouncing up and down and making sure he doesn’t get a chance to rest, not that he wants one. The little punk groupie queen matches him thrust for thrust in missionary, doggy, cowgirl and RCG, finally coaxing a load out on her tits, just like she wanted.

Joanna’s slutty little sister Holly Hendrix has come out to the rock show to visit Joanna’s boyfriend, and even though she’s been annoying for years, but she does look kind of hot in Joanna’s clothes and jewelry, and her determination to prove that she can suck cock just as well as her big sister proves to be an irresistible draw. I don’t know if she’s as good as Joanna, but she looks like she’s pretty damn good, boyfriend is happy to sample the goods and ends up fucking her in every position, dropping his load in the end on her tits and face.

Carmen Caliente is the kind of fan that I imagine every rock star is terrified of running into, she’s Mick Blue`s biggest fan, and she’s fucked every other guy in the band, and she’s been following them for years, and didn’t he notice that she’s been out there twerking for him for the entire show and it’s destiny that they get together, in other words, a raving loon. But a raving loon with sexy, perfect tits and a hungry wet pussy and an undeniable talent for shaking that ass while she’s getting fucked, and what’s a drummer to do? Drummers are, notoriously, the simplest of band members, closest to their base urges, and Mick’s instinct is to frost that face. Mission accomplished!

Rina Ellis has managed to sneak past all the security and gotten in to see her favorite star (who I suspect is either Logan Pierce or Jessy Jones), and she just wants to demonstrate her guitar-playing skills, which are frankly subpar, but he wants to know what else she can do to keep him entertained. She can make sandwiches, but he’s already eaten, and so we get down to the most important skills of any groupie: suckin’ cock and puttin’ out. Rina’s ready, although she admits that her cocksucking skills, while better than her guitar playing, could use some practice. Her idol is all for that, and lets her go to town. It turns out she doesn’t need much tutelage, being an old hand, or mouth. Her POV fuck goes the way of the rest of them, and she gets a blast on the face for her troubles.

Val Williams

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