Disciplined Teens 11: Hardcore Discipline


Disciplined Teens 11 Movie Details

Title: Disciplined Teens 11
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Makenna Blue, Evie Olson, Becky Sins, Alexa Nova
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I’m fairly sure that none of the girls in Disciplined Teens 11 is really a teen, and the discipline is more in the way of rough sex and hard handling than actual discipline, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of the very rough, and mostly explicitly consensual, sex in the movie. Makenna Blue is a delight, Becky Sins is the kind of sullen little thing that arouses the kind of misogynist urges that make you think ‘fucking her out of her pout’ is an acceptable idea, and Alexa Nova is delightfully ready to be abused consensually. If you like rough sex, and I’m pretty sure you do, Disciplined Teens 11 will scratch your itch.

Makenna Blue is a boyish little thing with short hair, tiny breasts, and a fiery temper. She needs to be thrown around, humiliated and used, and her current boyfriend isn’t man enough to get the job done. She puts out an ad looking for rough trade, but none of the guys who shows up at her door is up to snuff, until Bruno shows up and doesn’t take no for an answer. Once he’s in the house he grabs her by the throat and gives her what she wants. She’s ready, having lined out exactly what she likes, choking, slapping, really rough sex, and domination. She’s small enough that he can control her with one hand and smack her around with the other. Seconds later she’s saying “yes, sir” and begging to get slapped, and he fucks her mouth and pussy brutally, finally coming on her face and telling her to clean herself up.

When Bruno is at home, all he wants is to watch some football. And he would, but Becky Sins keeps interrupting. She needs to borrow some sugar, she needs a long spoon, she needs a hammer, and she doesn’t understand that it’s Super Bowl Sunday and all he wants to do is concentrate. She says she can return the favor, but what does she have that he might need? Well, a pussy, for one thing, and when he grabs her and throws her on his couch, she says she’s cool with that. he makes her play with her pussy and suck on his cock, she likes what she gets but isn’t quick enough for Bruno, who wants his halftime girlfriend to be a little more responsive. Becky likes her discipline really rough, you can tell because it’s not until the hardcore choking, slapping, and fucking start that she really responds, but when she does, she’s an animal. She moans and screams her way through the facial, and then he kicks her out.

Alexa Nova is a foxy-faced redhead with small tits, creamy skin, and cute bangs. She does a little interview segment, there’s no plot or real discipline, just a straight-up porn scene, and Bruno warns her that this time is going to be rougher than the last time she was here. I don’t know what the last time was like, but this one is pretty hot. It’s Bruno again, and he’s not pretending to be a cranky football fan or a hopeful internet hookup. This is pure gonzo, and he starts off by slapping her tits, and then her ass, and then giving her a rest before the hardcore stuff starts. The hardcore stuff consists of some forced deepthroat with lipstick marks as a measure, hard fucking, spitting, fingers down her throat, anal, face-slapping, choking, and hair-pulling. The facial isn’t that hardcore, but she still gets one.

Bruno is apparently keeping Evie Olsen captive in his house, and she has the chance to escape when her friend (a busty redhead who I’d like to see Bruno mishandling) comes over to rescue her, but she declines the opportunity. Evie is a sweet-faced brunette with C-cup tits, a nice ass, and Stockholm Syndrome, and she hustles her friend out the door in an attempt to keep Bruno from knowing about it, but he has his ways, and her punishment for lying about it is the usual, spanking, brutal fucking, throatfucking, slapping, spitting, hair-pulling, choking, and a lot of rough manhandling. Oh, and the requisite facial.

Val Williams

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