White Out 7: A Manageable Amount of Cock

White Out 7 Movie Details

Title: White Out 7
Studio: Devils Film
Stars: Aaliyah Hadid, Alexis Avery
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

White Out 7 is a modest effort by interracial gangbang standards, featuring two girls taking four cocks each. I don’t know if black girls just aren’t quite as slutty as white girls, or if they’re more delicate, or choosier, but it’s nice to see a gangbang with a manageable number of dicks involved, instead of a dozen monster cocks bouncing off some girl with, at most, six convenient places to lodge them (seven if you’re a foot guy). Alexis and Aaliyah are the best kind of gangbang girls, they clean up nice but dirty down nicer.

Alexis Avery takes a nice long time to strip and reveal her sexy body; she has a sweet, lazy smile and nice, full breasts. She’s being attended by four goons who wait naked at a table for her to climb on and spread herself open for her interracial gangbang effort; once she does that, they start groping, and she’s got fingers inside her and hands all over her right away. Alexis takes on Ryan McLane, two bald guys, and a kid with not much in the way of distinguishing features. With four dicks, four mouths, eight hands and the combined experience of four studs to draw on, she has a good time in front of her. And behind her, and to either side, when it comes to that. She gets her pussy eaten, spanked, fingered and fucked, her throat penetrated, nipples pinched and sucked on, and her asshole licked and fucked, and the whole business gets capped off with a few different combinations of DP. She is, in fact, made airtight, at least to industry standards ? she does not have her nostrils or ears plugged up ? and the crew finishes up with the standard facials ? four shots across her pretty face.

Aaliyah Hadid does a similarly slow, sexy striptease, although, like Alexis, she doesn’t start with that much to take off, just a red bra-and-panty set that do a little, but not really much, to cover up her tattoos, which look like they are still under construction. Aaliyah has a firm, tight body, slightly enhanced, but still delightfully curvy, with a round ass that, if the last crew was anything to judge by, is going to get plenty of attention soon. She might also be wearing a wig. Not that it matters much, but it’s something to pay attention to. Unlike Alexis, who at least got some time to relax into her gangbang, Aaliyah ends up on her knees almost immediately. with four cocks bouncing off her face trying to get inside. She’s a noisy, enthusiastic cocksucker, drooly and slobbery, and she tries to take them deep. In addition to a regular DP, Aaliyah takes two cocks in the pussy, directing the action like a general as the guys pump at her frantically. She also likes it a little rough, with hands on her throat and plenty of pounding. Her four facials are also very messy and comprehensive, leaving her thoroughly glazed.

Val Williams

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