Anal Loving Lingerie Models 2: Spoilt for Choice

Anal Loving Lingerie Models 2 Movie Details

Title: Anal Loving Lingerie Models 2
Studio: Private
Director: Xavi Rocka
Stars: Nelly Kent, Elle Rose, Katrin Tequila, Tiffany Doll, Sasha Colibri
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

I like how Katrin Tequila is first up, and she does her bit when it comes to actually modelling lingerie, showing up to a handsome black stud’s house and shimmying into some sexy black lace. We’re meant to believe that he designed it, but since his primary goal once the lingerie is on her body, is getting it off, I think we can dispense with the fiction. No sooner has he seen it on her than he starts chewing her ass, and I don’t blame him. Katrin is blonde, tattooed, slinky, cute, and hungry for cock in every hole, and when she’s not sucking on it or stroking it, she’s taking it in her ass, which looks good both in and out of the lingerie. She takes a creampie with no complaint; I guess if you love anal, you probably get into that too.

Tiffany Doll, wonderfully, amazingly is not the Anal Loving Lingerie Model: she’s the photographer, and the guy with the goofy haircut, he must be French is the Anal loving Lingerie Model. Brunette, smiling, and competent-looking, Tiffany is cute and all, you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating baguettes, but I think it’s great that there’s a little twist here. Her model produces some wine, does some posing, and then turns the tables by trying to get her out of her own clothes and do some boudoir shots with him. It’s a short road from there to fucking him on the bed and then blowing her assistant before letting him fuck her ass as well.

Elle Rose doesn’t want her men in sequence; she wants to get fucked by two cocks at the same time, and fortunately for her, there are two right handy. It looks like she might be starting out with just the one, but we all know that no photographer can keep it in his pants, so the guy taking the shots of her and her partner is bound to get mixed up in the action. He does, early on, oozing up behind her while she’s sucking cock and getting his tongue busy in her ass. Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time, because she just takes a look back there and keeps sucking. Attention continues to be paid to all her holes, but there is no DP, just a lot of anal and a lot of oral. Better luck next time, Elle. At least you got two facials out of the deal!

Sasha Colibri looks like she’d be a Goth with just a little more attention to tattoos and piercings. Pale-skinned, black-haired, with bangs and a knowing look, she needs a costume and gets referred to a guy who apparently makes them but needs to know every dimension of her body first. The most important one is how much of his cock will fit in her mouth; he feels like what she gets in there isn’t quite enough, and he starts really pushing for more. She doesn’t mind ? it seems like maybe she is a Choking Loving Lingerie Model too, not to mention a Pussy Eating Loving Lingerie Model and a Facial Loving Lingerie Model. It’s good to be versatile.

Nelly Kent looks like one of those hot Spanish women you see so often in Nacho Vidal movies. She’s got black hair, fine features, and a Romanian accent, turns out she’s not Spanish after all, and she’s looking for a job. In what might just be a straight recounting of how she got into porn, we see her go to a stranger’s house to try on some lingerie and then get fucked by a man who is very likely wondering why it’s this easy to get laid by such a hot girl. She puts on some slinky red lace, poses a bit, then agrees that sucking cock probably isn’t that big a step from posing in the lingerie. Neither, it seems, is taking a cock in the ass, apparently becoming a model instills in one a love for anal, and Nelly takes to it like a duck to water. And to facials, too, of course.

Val Williams

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