My Daddy’s Point of View 2: Missing a Step


My Daddy’s Point of View 2 Movie Details

Title: My Daddy’s Point of View 2
Studio: Innocent High
Stars: Tomi Taylor, Kimberly Brix, Gina Valentina, Joseline Kelly, Vera Drake
Overall Rating:

3 stars

If you’re a daddy, you may be familiar with this kind of thing already. I myself have not had any kids, so I’m not sure whether it’s accurate or not, but from what I know of porn, this is exactly how daddies behave all the time. I mean, I don’t know why they have to be daddies, because there’s no pretension to any kind of family roleplay in My Daddy’s Point of View 2, but I guess even daddies have to lay off their stepdaughters sometime and go out fucking regular sluts they’re not related to.

Joseline Kelly is 18, cute, a brunette, and giggly. It’s a straight pickup scene, with the mook picking Joseline up by finding her on a hookup site and taking her straight back to his house to fuck. She’s game, and soon she’s stripping down, revealing a perky pair of tits. She stops there for the moment, taking some time to suck his cock, and then continues on to get fucked in missionary, cowgirl, RCG and doggy. There’s lots of closeup fucking, with the camera focusing on penetration, and then on the standard facial.

Gina Valentina`s just out to fuck, it looks like, I mean, the mook says this is her audition, but not for what, we can only assume it means for the position of porn star; there is some desultory small talk, but he ends up just saying lets go back to my place an you can put out. Gina says she prefers rough sex, and when they get back to ‘his place’, they discuss anal, how Brazilian girls are horny AF, and how he can ask for sex in Portuguese. They take a surprising amount of time to get to the fucking, but when they do it’s hot. This is either an early scene for Gina or she’s lying about being an 18-year-old anal virgin. He doesn’t get to fuck her ass, but he does pop on it.

Kimberly Brix is a sassy little redhead who doesn’t give a fuck about being seen. She and the mook are trying to find a semi-public space to fuck in, but can’t really find one, and they end up, after a brief pretend promenade, in his place, where they get right down to business, with her getting on her knees, sucking cock, and then stripping down. She’s a horny little nympho, but not really a talker, she moans a lot while she’s getting fucked, but her dirty talk game isn’t strong. It’s a quick fuck, with a pop on her pussy that might have been a little premature.

Tomi Taylor looks like she’s a little older than the others, and she’s just sitting in a car waiting for the mook to come by. Small talk, small talk, small talk, and there’s some talk of dinner and then fucking. She gets her tits out as they drive, he mauls them, they agree to skip dinner, and it’s home to get busy. Honestly, this one you can skip to the fucking, and you won’t miss much. Tomi is a pretty brunette with nice natural 32Ds, and he fucks her the way you would if you had the chance, then pops on her belly.

Vera Drake likes hiking, kayaking, being in nature and the outdoors, and sucking dick, and she alone of all the girls in this movie is willing to just say it instead of playing coy games. She gets her tits out to show them in a hallway, and says she’s really fucking horny and needs to get down to business. She gobbles his cock, slobbers all over it, and puts on a good show. She’s a cute little tattooed brunette, and she’s my favorite part of the movie. She’s loud, she’s dirty, and she’s cute. It’s too bad the camera work is so shaky, I’d like to see her in a more professional setting. He shoots a load on her belly, and we’re out.

Val Williams

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