Meet Mandingo 6: First Timers


Meet Mandingo 6 Movie Details

Title: Meet Mandingo 6
Studio: HardX
Director: Mason Storm
Stars: Britney Amber, Lily Rader, Holly Hendrix, Lily Adams, Mandingo
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

If you haven’t already Met Mandingo, now is a good time to extend the hand of friendship. That is, if you want a giant black dick in your hand. I mean, you wouldn’t be the only one, lots of people have met Mandingo, with Holly Hendrix, Lily Rader, Britney Amber and Lily Adams joining the list in this, the sixth volume of Mason`s Holly Hendrix is very eager to get down on Mandingo`s meat in the first scene, and when Mason asks her why she chose such a big dick for her first interracial, she says she likes a challenge. Given that her nickname is ‘Max Capacity’ and that she’s only 4’10”, she’s taking on a hell of a chore, but she makes it work. After a while, big cocks and little girls all tend to look the same, but Holly goes to town on a dick that’s literally bigger than her forearm; it would come out the back of her head if he tried to push it through. He can only fit half of it in her pussy (the front half, if you were wondering) and less in her mouth, but she’s ready to try taking it in the ass as well, an endeavor that nets her a little more cock and a lot more shrieking. She’s a gamer, and she ends up taking a load on the face.

At 5’6″, Lily Rader isn’t going to look quite as dwarfed by Mandingo’s mandongo in her scene as Holly did, but she’s still going to look little next to it. She’s worked with him once before, so this isn’t a true first, but that was a group scene, and she’s looking forward much more to the personal time she’ll get with him. Lily is a sleek, pale little blonde, and those of you who really relish the contrast of white and black skin will get your boats floated here. Lily only fools around with cocksucking a little here, preferring to get bent over and fucked pretty much immediately. She does more oral work later, but this movie is mostly about squeezing the peen into the vag (Lily doesn’t offer Mandingo a trip through the back door).

Next up, Britney Amber is a statuesque (for porn) blonde with big DD tits, and this is her first time with Mandingo. She’s been wondering for a long while about how big he really is. He’s really big, Britney. I know, I know, you can’t really take my word for it; go ahead and get in there. She doesn’t offer any commentary on the size, just puts her face down and starts sucking. She handles that okay, but whimpers as he slides into her pussy (who with a pussy wouldn’t) and cries out as he gets deeper. As with most girls, he can’t get most of it in there, and has to be satisfied with pumping the first half in and out, a little delicately, essentially using her as a too-small sleeve for half of his dick; he switches to her ass and does about the same amount of business. She finally kneels for a facial.

Cleanup hitter Lily Adams is a slender brunette who says she wants to go big or go home, and she’s definitely not headed home. Like all the rest, she doesn’t bother with any small talk with Mandingo, just gets right to business taking his dick out and getting it a little wet with her tongue. Good news: that’s something the monster likes, and Mandingo is well disposed towards a generous cocksucker. Bad news: it’s not going to make it any easier to get that thing inside her 114-pound frame. Lily sucks on the head for a while, working the shaft with her hands and looking up for approval; the grunts coming from upstairs seem to convey it, and they move on to missionary, cowgirl, doggy and the obligatory facial.

Val Williams

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