Fuck ‘Em Fill ‘Em Feed ‘Em 3: A Job Well Done

Fuck ‘Em Fill ‘Em Feed ‘Em 3 Movie Details

Title: Fuck ‘Em Fill ‘Em Feed ‘Em 3
Studio: Aziani
Director: Buzz Aziani
Stars: London River, Fallon West
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

Fuck `Em Fill ‘Em Feed ‘Em 3 is definitely a little less crass than I thought it was going to be given its focus on creampies, which are never classy, which isn’t in itself a sterling recommendation, but it’s a pretty enjoyable movie. London River and Fallon West are solid journeyman porn sluts, and they both like what they get, which is lots of cock, plenty of fucking, and a lot of cum inside their various holes. The interview segments, often boring timewasters, are in this case actually reasonably entertaining ? enough that when the fucking starts, you feel like you kind of know the girls. Both of them come off as surprisingly approachable, and you can’t ask for more than that from a porn starlet.

London River (I guess the name Thames was already taken) has a long and actually pretty interesting interview session that reveals a lot of her opinions about what it’s going to be like to get gangbanged, creampied, and facialized (spoiler alert: She’s in favor of everything the guys come up with). She’s a cute blonde with a big, sexy pair of artificially enhanced 34DD tits and a sensibly Midwestern view of how a gangbang should go. She prefers missionary, likes sucking cock, and has never had guys come inside her because all of them want to bang out their loads on those big tits.

When it comes time to start fucking, she’s ready immediately and has a tongue in her ass, cocks in her mouth and pussy, and her toes in someone’s mouth before you can blink. I think there are five or six guys in the scene with her, but I frankly don’t care, it’s enough to say ‘a lot’ and sit back and enjoy. London has a very deep throat and can take a dick pretty far down, but she does still spit and choke and slobber like a less experienced girl in order to enhance the guys’ enjoyment. The whole scene is a mess of fluids, some of them shot into her and some squeezed out, with creampies lovingly photographed dripping down her ass and serving as lube for the next guy. Seven loads, says the boxcover copy, and while I didn’t count, I believe it. Enjoy her moans and groans, everyone else clearly does. When she says “Cover my mouth” as she starts coming, you kind of have to believe she’s not faking anything.

Where London looks like a Nebraska girl with makeup on, Fallon West looks like a girl who’s been in the business for a while and knows her way around. She’s got a tiny red dress, chestnut hair, smaller, natural tits, LOTS of eye makeup, and perfect teeth, and she’s really ready to get busy. The interview segment is long and comprehensive, and she spends a fair amount of it with her legs spread and her pussy on view, and says that she’s ready for some fucking (the day before, she was apparently there for some kind of blowbang).

She’s not quite as consumed by the fucking as London River was, but that’s a high bar to reach, and she does herself proud anyway. And Fallon goes one step farther than London did, begging for cock in her ass and taking backdoor creampies and a double penetration that outdoes her predecessor. The book on Fallon says 8 loads, and at least two of them are in, and then out of, her ass. She’s definitely warmed up from anal creampies by the time the Feed `Em portion of the show starts, and you won’t be disappointed.

Val Williams

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