Swinger, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: Neighborhood Swingers 21


Neighborhood Swingers 21 Movie Details

Title: Neighborhood Swingers 21
Studio: Devils Film
Stars: Ryan McLane, Scarlett Johnson, Summer Day, Gracie May Green, Derrick Pierce, Honey Gold, Jennifer Jacobs, Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Ashley Lane
Overall Rating:

4 stars

You wish, you really do, that the swinger couples from this neighborhood lived in yours. Seriously, even if you didn’t get to swing with them, just seeing them walking down the street would give you a charge that would set you up for the whole week. The slender, tawny Honey Gold, the ripe and curvy Jennifer Jacobs, Scarlett Johnson and Ashley Lane in their sleek glory, Gracie May and Summer Day reveling in their sluttiness, and the urbane Ryan McLane, the goofy Tommy Pistol, the slightly predatory Derrick Pierce, and the blocky and blunt Eric Masterson, if your tastes run that way.

The first scene devotes no small amount of time to establishing that Honey Gold, Jennifer Jacobs, and their men are just regular folks. Some of them have a pool, some of them don’t drink, some of them have bikinis that they want to trade with each other, and some of them just want to play with some of the others’ boobs. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which ones are which ones, but I will tell you to keep an eye on Honey Gold, who may be the new Skin Diamond, not that we’re done with the old Skin Diamond. Anyway, she and Jennifer get to teasing the men by showing off the boobs in a bikini swap. Once the tits are out, the swinger game is on, and the two couples swap partners with no problems at all. It’s almost like they planned it in advance! Honey looks great, being more frisky than sultry, and Ryan McLane pitches in with a will. Jennifer loves choking on cock, and both girls have a great time getting fucked in doggy, missionary, cowgirl, RCG, and a few others that don’t have easy names. They both take facials and love it.

Ashley Lane, Derrick Pierce, Scarlett Johnson and Eric Masterson have just gotten back from a long weekend of swinger partying, and they’re ready for a rest. Except, that is, for Ashley and Eric, who go into the house before unloading the luggage to go to the bathroom but end up fucking again. They can’t get enough of each other! Scarlett and Derrick wait outside until they get suspicious and go in to find their partners boning up a storm. What’s a couple to do? Well, they join in, of course, even though they’ve just spent the whole weekend fucking, they too are ready for more. Who knows what they got up to when they were away, but if what they’re doing at home is anything to go by, they had a hell of a weekend. They certainly got to know each other pretty well, enough that Derrick knows exactly how Scarlett likes to suck cock, Eric knows how much Ashley likes getting fucked from behind, and everybody knows both girls like mouths full of cum.

The last scene doesn’t bother with much in the way of lead-in, we arrive just as Tommy Pistol and Tommy Gunn, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen these two in a scene together, which means someone has been asleep at the wheel, are getting into the middle (which turns out to be the end) of a game of Twister with Gracie May and Summer Day. Let’s not lie to ourselves, though, this is really a game of Swinger, and everybody’s eager to play. Far from being twisted up, the couples stay separate, fucking next to each other in a perfectly respectable same-room swap. Keep an eye out for the twin cowgirl sequence, which doesn’t last long but is very picturesque every now and then the girls get involved in each other a little, but they always return to the dicks, and finish up with a double facial and some nice cum-swapping.

Val Williams

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