GloryHole Secrets – Filthy Firsts: 25 Loads!


Gloryhole Secrets: Filthy Firsts Movie Details

Title: Gloryhole Secrets: Filthy Firsts
Studio: Aziani
Director: Buzz Aziani
Stars: Angel Smalls, Eden Sin
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Gloryole Secrets: Filthy Firsts does not fuck around. It’s about cocksucking, pure and simple, and cocksucking in its most basic, objectifying form. The dicks come through the holes in the walls, and the girls suck on them. The dicks are not even attached to faces; they could be anyone, porn stars, camera men, guys off the street, Senators, and the same, of course, is true of the women from the point of view of the dick wielders. If you like blowjobs, stripped of all pretension, this is going to be the movie for you.

Angel Smalls` most interesting revelation in the short interview that precedes her hour or so of sucking dick at the gloryhole is that her favorite place to take a cumshot is in her eyes. I won’t spoil the suspense by telling you why she likes it that way, you can rest assured she was asked, but you can see the fascinating answer, along with several other responses that will tell you a great deal about Angel’s private life. The Gloryhole Secrets format is to put a camera on a girl on her knees and turn her loos, keeping count of the number of loads she coaxes out of the cocks that sprout from the walls. Angel, hamming it up for the camera the whole time, manages to pull out 14 cumshots. Some end up in her mouth, some on her face, some dripping down her chest; she turns from side to side, making sure she accommodates every cock that comes through the holes, and finishes up the session by having a bout with a Hitachi that looks enormous when you compare it to her miniscule 4’11” frame.

Eden Sin says she didn’t like sucking cock until she decided it was kind of degrading, and then she went for it because she likes being dirty. She’s a little black-haired trollop with a cute face and a deep throat, and she gets plenty of chances to be dirty in the glory-hole booth. She gargles jizz, slobbers it all over her face, takes cocks really deep, and makes great use of her tongue when she’s got a cockhead at the back of her throat. When she’s not giggling about how much she loves sucking cock, she’s slobbering, coming, or gagging. The holes in the booth are generously cut to accommodate the cocksucker’s nose, so she can really get in there and work them deep. When I first saw Eden, I wasn’t especially impressed, she looked like kind of a generic little porn starlet, but having watched her sucking dick, my estimation has gone up considerably. Either she’s a great actress or she’s a really dedicated fellatrix, either way, I like what I see.

Val Williams

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