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‘You Slipped Up Mom’: Family Means Forgiveness

3.75 Stars

Parents make mistakes. It’s a fact of life. Also, parents just don’t understand, but that’s a different issue, especially since a lot of the parents in You Slipped Up Mom¬†are very understanding indeed. In fact, this whole movie is full of very understanding family members, from just barely step-cousins to stepdads to stepmoms to brand-new stepbrothers and sisters. Family, while excruciating at the holidays, is great the rest of the time.

Reagan Foxx is just trying to help out the family; her husband has been on kind of a downswing, and by doing some Nuru massage out of the house, Reagan’s chipping in. When her stepson Nathan Bronson stops by to bring her some food, though, and finds her masturbating on the couch in anticipation of fucking a stranger without a condom, he is understandably confused, but once she explains to him that she really only married the dad in order to fuck the son (one assumes that when she made the decision, Nathan didn’t have the haircut he has now, which is possibly the stupidest haircut any man has ever had), he stops thinking and starts reacting. Reagan’s pretty face, big juicy tits and wet pussy are a strong draw.

John Strong gets a call from his wife to check in on their daughter, who has a receptionist job at a Nuru massage place; wifey’s not sure how Ashley Adams is making so much money as a mere secretary, and she’s right to be suspicious. Ashley’s fucking dudes for cash and letting them come inside her, and daddy’s not all that pleased to find his daughter bouncing on top of Eric Masterson and dripping with jizz. Ashley explains more about the job, though — she gives massages, so it’s not just fucking! — and then she demonstrates exactly how she got promoted out of the receptionist’s job. Nobody sucks cock like family.

Jaye Summers and Bill Bailey are just step-cousins, but as family, he feels protective towards her, and when the gardeners on the estate keep gawking at her, he tries to get her to be a little more decorous. Instead, she opts to show him she’s not a little girl any more . She — and apparently mom as well — are skilled Nuru whores, and although Bill is reluctant, the prospect of some perky tits and a hungry mouth concentrates the mind wonderfully, so once his cousin is on her knees in the shower sucking his cock, he forgets all about his objections. Once they’ve seen Nuru, how you gonna keep ’em down on the farm?

Both Riley Reyes and Alex Legend are kind of taken aback to find out that their family members — mom and dad respectively — have met new partners and gotten married on six months’ notice. Alex comes to Riley for a Nuru massage to calm his nerves at receiving such big family news, and she does her best to relax him by taking him in the shower, washing him down, sucking his cock, and applying the famous Nuru massage before climbing aboard and fucking him silly. Any two normal human beings would know exactly what comes next, but when Riley shows up at the door for the family dinner, Alex recognizes her even without her face covered in his jizz. Surprise!

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