Mail Order: All That She Wants


Mail Order Movie Details

Title: Mail Order
Studio: Pure Taboo
Director: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Stars: Ricky Johnson, Ryan Driller, Elena Koshka, Chloe Cherry
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Elena Koshka is a mail order bride who has just arrived in America, and Ryan Driller, a shy, awkward rich guy, is showing her around the house where he will be keeping her for the next few years. He says she’s not trapped there, but we all know what would happen if she tried to leave. She’s a commodity and an object, and even though he is very handsome and very well-endowed and allegedly a virgin and very solicitous, he has still bought her, and in spite of his hesitation and awkwardness, he’s still her owner. She’s seen a dick before, you don’t get sold by the Russian mob without some experience, but she’s a little taken aback when Ryan brings out a pussy pump on the first night and asks her if she’d mind trying it out. She really has no choice, and a lot of the experience involves her lying there and looking bored or bemused or both, at least until she starts using the skills she learned at the mob whorehouse. Apparently he’s never had a blowjob before, and she’s very good at them. She lets him have his way in every position he can manage until he blows his load inside of her and lies back, exhausted, while she reclines, dead-eyed, to think about the cum dripping down her crack. it’s hard tell what she thinks about it; like many sex workers, she keep her own counsel.

Meanwhile, somewhere down the road from Ryan and his mail order bride, in Blind Surprise, two gardeners are talking about the extraordinarily beautiful blonde Chloe Cherry, who has just been delivered to the house next door. She never gets to come out or have visitors, says one to the new guy who can’t take his eyes off her, such a shame. Ricky Johnson can’t stop thinking about her, though, to the extent that he ends up breaking into her house and sniffing her panties as she takes a shower. When she comes out and surprises him, it’s an even bigger shock for him that she can’t see him at all, so it doesn’t bother her that he’s standing within arm’s reach stroking his cock. It’s when he closes the door a little too loudly that she notices someone’s there, and she asks if he’s the doctor, and of course he says yes. The rest of the scene is kind of silly; he somehow convinces her that he’s giving her a different kind of exam from the usual one, an exam for adults, and then fucks her. The thrill, if you find one here, will come from her being blind and sucking cock under the mistaken impression that the activity is part of a fertility exam. She’s very sheltered, and she sticks with the program right up until he pumps a full creampie load of semen into her from behind. I guess she may find out some things about fertility after all.

Val Williams

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