Psychotic Behavior: How Much Can You Take?


Psychotic Behavior Movie Details

Title: Psychotic Behavior
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: John Stagliano
Stars: Abella Danger, Angel Smalls, Markus Dupree, Angela White, Owen Gray, Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Casey Calvert
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

It’s hard to describe what’s going on in Psychotic Behavior, except to say that some of it looks as much like hatefucking as much as anything I’ve seen in porn. It’s from John Stagliano, so whatever you may think of it, you have to admit that it does have the savor of true insanity. Stagliano, from the earliest days when he was inventing and defining gonzo porn, has always had a knack for communicating a real air of obsession and feverish mania, most often it is his own, but sometimes the craziness of others. His work is frequently intense in a way that most porn doesn’t achieve, and Psychotic Behavior is, if not a towering triumph, at least a solid example of why he’s still an important pornographer. I want to say it goes a little beyond edgy, but it depends on what you think of as edgy these days. The edge isn’t where it used to be. Anyway, it goes a bit farther in terms of psych play than I like in my porn, but then I’m a little more traditional than some.

Abella Danger has a stormy relationship with Xander Corvus, he’s a jobless ‘artist’ freeloading in her house, and she’s making a living working webcam shows. They fight, they squabble, and eventually, they snap and have rough, hard, mean sex while the camera keeps running. It’s messy, with some food play, and savage; Corvus keeps making her talk dirty while he fucks her hard, suction-cups a dildo to the window and makes her suck it, smears her face with cream, chokes her with his cock, and makes her tell him she hates him. All her holes are in play, of course. It’s Stagliano, after all.

Angela White is a powerful woman, a business owner, and a slightly bitchy, emasculating girlfriend; Owen Grey is a weedy, skinny twink with a submissive air and what looks like a panty fetish. When Angela goes off to work, she leaves him behind to do the laundry, but he just pours out her lingerie on the bed and gets face deep in underwear while he strokes his cock. When she comes home and mocks him, he just smiles, and she does what dominant women in porn do, lets him fuck her as a punishment. She even takes him in her ass. Please, please don’t throw me in the briar patch.

Casey Calvert isn’t very happy with Markus Dupree, lying under him while he pumps away and thinks of someone else. She works herself into a rage when he’s not even there, choking herself on a dildo and ranting about how she’s not good enough for him, and he’s out whoring around and fucking other bitches with his piece of shit cock, look, this isn’t really very solid reasoning, but it’s a pretty clear representation of how some guys want a crazy woman to be, spitting mad, sexy, horny and essentially harmless. Everybody wants a crazy bitch to think about cock, but when she decides she’s going to cut one off of somebody, it’s gone too far. Fortunately, when Markus comes home, he gets to fuck her ass after she smashes the cake he brought her in his face.

Minor key piano and a creepy, vine-covered house make Angel Smalls kind of nervous, but she rings the bell anyway; Buttman doesn’t answer, but his employee, Small Hands, lets her in and shows her around. He shows her the astonishing collection of toys that has been in the asses of so many women over the years, tells her that one was in Adriana Chechik and that one was in Angela White, and then he lets her know that most of them could pretty easily be in her ass if she wants them to be, and then he shows her something else that might end up in her ass (spoiler alert, it’s his cock!). In this case, Angel isn’t the psychotic one, but I’m not going to tell you how that works out.

Val Williams

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